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New Tactics Session! Also, Greetings from your New 2ic!

Hola Nachos! As many of you may not have noticed or not checked the ranks, yesterday I had the honor of being appointed as 2ic. As soon as I saw the words “being promoted” my stomach dropped. I haven’t been 2ic for a while, and it feels good to finally reach the peak in which I once was, many moons ago. As your 2ic, I promise to be as active as possible, and will bring up troop morale, by having contests, game nights, and whatever ideas you (the Nachos) may have! My first contest was the comment contest I put up a couple days ago, the 200th commenter gets temp. chat promotion! The link is here, so comment away! https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/2013/05/03/comment-contest-2/

Additionally, I am creating an event for this Sunday. On this very post, THIS POST RIGHT HERE, THAT I MADE, feel free to leave any potential good tactic ideas. Such as “Why don’t we try a tactic where we dress up as chickens and scream “MOO!” or whatever comes to mind. This will be a good way to get new exciting ideas to use on the battle field, AND the top three troops whose tactics were selected will receive either: 1) A promotion OR 2) Chat promotion.

I hope to see a lot of intelligent and bright ideas on this post! Happy tactic creating! From your new 2ic, and May the odds be ever in your favor.

~Keep Pwning (This used to be my old catchphrase, it feels so good to finally be able to use it again.)


10 Responses

  1. Congrats on 2ic again! I love all these contests we’re having lately 😀 I need that promo (goo)

  2. Congrats Wolfie you deserved it!

  3. Anyways, for the tactic competion:

    Idea 1#

    The Pin Wheel

    I have created a new tactic called The Pin Wheel, because it represents the shape and formation of a wheel. Basically, what you do, is that everyone is ordered to go in a circle, then, starting from one person, everyone (in order of turn) throws snowballs directly into the centre of the circle. It looks really good if properly performed! It also brings back a hint of old warfare, where throwing snowballs was a trend, so I incorporated old snowballs AND formation. I hope you like the idea! 😀

  4. Tactic Competition:

    Idea 2#

    The Letter Blocks

    The letter blocks is a new tactic, which involves everyone going into a straight line and then, one by one, typing in letters to spell out a certain word. For example, the first person in the line, types in ‘N’ then the second person types in ‘A’ and so on to spell ‘Nachos’ or what ever you (the leader) have chosen to write in letter blocks. I hope you approve of this idea!

  5. Tactic Competition:

    Idea 3#

    The Pyramid

    Okay, the last of my ideas (I think…)
    The Pyramid, is inspired by cheer leaders and pyramid formations xD What you do is, pretty self explanatory. You instruct certain people to go in a line of, say 3, then you make a line exactly above that, with 2 penguins, and top it of with a penguin on top! Lol. And, it’s a good idea to put lower ranks in the base of the pyramid, with leaders on top. If you want to, afterwards, you can dissemble the pyramid by people on top, going left in line, then the next row, going right in line, and so on. I hope this is a good idea!

  6. […] New Tactics Session! Also, Greetings from your New 2ic! […]

  7. Idea 😛

    The Nacho Army Games

    A series of fun games to have fun.Winners gets prizes!
    So it’s something like some Olympic Games but in CP
    there’s gonna be

    Sled Racing (Up to 16 People Can Join)
    Find Four(Up To 12 People Can Join)
    The Race from the Hill to the Mine (Infinite People)
    Hide and Seek(Infinite People)
    Mancala(Up To 16 People Can Join)
    Pizza Parlor Trophy Ceremony(Everyone Can Join)

    The prizes are top secret :O

    Approve or Die.

  8. Idea #4 Square formations

    Penguins spread out make squares of 4 and use emotes to defend from Charges.

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