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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Promotions! 05/20/2013


:arrow: To receive a rank in the Nacho Army, you must comment on the Join Page. Click HERE to go the join page.

Can’t find your rank? Try the following:

For Windows users: To find your rank, hold “Ctrl and F” at the same time and type in your Club Penguin username.

For Mac Users: To find your rank, hold down Apple/Command and F at the same time and type in your Club Penguin username.

If you cannot find your rank, PC an owner on chat and we will put you on the ranks shortly.

Bold = Promotion

Italics = Demotion


General: Puckley, Beeky128778, Ads354, Edd64

Lieutenant General: Fiffylog, Wolfie1215, Tomato8883

Major General: 6789cool (Can Of Juice), Mrgpv, Pechu123

Brigadier General: Sport11298, Johnsongresh, Dj Dan (San Chivas), Kenneth1000, Ungeace, Chrisi Blule, Guitar48300

Colonel: Baseball1043, Oberst543, Camperjohn64

Lieutenant Colonel: Max43810, Pyjamas Jr,

Major: Shinyminx

Captain: Expresso Joe, Xgthrecgtejm/Sirproditor, Arnold6559, Joshg1, Obama81000, 123nai, Bubbagun620, Pony Eee, Yeasy, 

Lieutenant: Winterburn13, Hazie65673, Daniel574, Icicles96, Goodgirl600Sora43990, Zyxwv124,  Wayler1, Bubbagum620, Juansandiego, Dancer5118, Mariam J,  Fire2107, Benag,  Dpd, Keoruaz, Neer The End, Zafeer15, Laitha380,1234power, Vahvel1, Arceus1296, Cutietuti25m Gorkyr, James30072

Master Sergeant: Kkabc123, Buddy4324, Ultimo1, NathanRed3, Green Dai,   Jamie (Oliphant1), Shawn20009, Cutie2854

Staff Sergeant: Mlop87, Evildogbone, Craig444, Carson4, Brandon24dog, Maryam, Idealrussian, Rexo345, Tancho,Ryan0047,

Sergeant: Erik55444, Andre7979, Pinksecret95, Vimal68, Darthvador57, Moistbabblez, Daziscooliw, Mario988, , Bonquiquiqua,  Mrblob5, Maxjerry12345, Mrzach54321, Shyguy91, Bethpenguin1, Rose, Sophie3501, Celtic Daft, Clover902, James18120, Aquaglamgirl, klinkguin, burt85133, 

Corporal: Eggabooha, Toys30, Dylan92118, Keyshawn881, Gigabite432, Pechynite1, Rix15, Globox1, Jackbeard, Bluemantube2, Neon Gravent, Bexy102, Mr Jay8, Fuzzbuzz1111, Kandie Doo, Alikzand, Arakisan, Jessicar4, Ice Member1, MasterTanic, 7mckennab, Finny90615, Hoopster22, Mrautomobil, Pjgpjg, Jojo Usa, Lovepuppy63, Cenafan1,  Happy Feet 05, 

Private First Class: Soap Srg,  Feat67, Tennessee200, Rainbow Nm, Epfagent9421Agentducks, Flash182,  Fallen Boy,   Vital Brady, Penguinmelon, User23, Seeoa, Penguina964, Snicks10, Eragon323, Thepizzaguy6,  Slicedor, Phillg12345, Jewelsofgold,  Spitfire17, Lollipop1539, Pufflecat2, Adrianwin, Pabloperson, Cramn555, Eskimo Emily, Benny34, Milo33156,  Coolzero004, Shadow 11247, xcheezpuffx, Gjk5566

Private:  Tee Tee 8, Flip982, Y0christmas, 6hp6, Mike Link234, Lovelypenguu, Pengu 4380, Qwerty1214, Hilty3, Flashattack, Glacial1933, Vaporeon3734, Pokemnman, Georgy303, Genral10,  Spartan3643, Icey91831, Igloolover99, Athar, Batopc Gus, Iskirimantuy, Johnny Kush, Spohiasmile, Mattlawn, Snowywill, Jimmy James2, Fruit 44, Funky Kong94, GuguPenguin, Cooldude244, Baddour1999, 2buddy98, Furrypooch, 92100g, BlahBlah1928, FurryPooch, Daniyal519, Wolf403, Coolguy12128, Izabella1121, Aarohi1, 3keyman21, Tahliajade6, Ice Cube 473, Cage9, Neofytos43, Money Trees, Sofi3457, William52802, Judepenguin2, Ghost Town1, Metro Master, Aa99000, Snocap, Coolguy861,, Cats104, Darkshade64, Waffle62, Dannyd2012, Yesmanflip9, Cheeseisgod, Britney333, Awesome3376, Eps Whoo, Ejakkul8, Colorclue 16, Jwtigerfan12, Cassandra980, Lepord 5, Krystian4311, 12hbk21, Juliegrl6, Jjmachomp, Pagua, Bolly1962, Modo1910, Lsu6, Flipper1216, Makiling, Lucyred2, Skeeter721, Orange2k, Doublece, Gerry60, KingMax1109, Joannalolly, Samuel73434, Wello4, Blue24516, Pipipetriti, Miges12w3, Reydecila, Dojo Expert1, Lop2009, Purple70618, Pruunkaru1, Deelastra,  Nintendo6352, Polly8569, Mr Trololol1, Zebragirl587, Stringbean03, 1bum,J Jemma5559, Im Synapse, MrPeng2121, Rosey14494, Haleyher, Lifeguardian, Janata, Slymo, Citytune5, 2nd Acc Bot, Buzzy123, P203062913, Canine115,  Wesmanly, Flash19047, Lala86428, Poornaditya4, Pptimus9813, princessac1, Snaketeja, R7vvy, canbatu, Belle Xyz, mitchypooh2, Leonepegasus, fizzylizzy4, greenface 23, Vidum, Saksham40, Peehu555, Safier56, robmax123, chuchu 1000, Hackerpinga, Iburules2, Boyzrules18, 09876sh, Sarah738, Fruitymango4, Blackbud123, Spybuddy3,Ronaldhino7, Bandy Lily, Muskaan, Tengu7, Lazaiyna, BluMarauder, Arctic Polar, Dillon04, Peggo3456, Obryan2, Gold Protect2, Carlypinky, Caca20977, Jake30201, VampiereCool, Penguin 2827, Vishal27002, Thug Man786, Lncp Pingy, Izzychill05, Avengers679, Popcorn78413, Furrie, Ziongreen, Pufflepen67, Fxss6, Dream Eaterz, Iglue12, Erinwong1123, Rawk Hawk 64, Penguin33891, Skymaid1, Layman3, Rocker Boy 0, Sporty Dawn, Rockstar4180, Numberguy678, 10barbie110, Athar, Cookies270, Tg 9, Keemus 7, Safron94475, Thedarktiger, pengi 26, Peppypo8910, Dude Ronaldo, Pollyfloss, Mac 22029, Mario52014, Brianibr, Rebin15, Arragon 1235, Safwaan999, Penny30525, Jayjaysport7, Avpeach,  Unknown2u2, Beckynathan, Miyls, Sunny Day6,  Picky1902, Destinyxoxo3, Heygirl96933,  Mario 59869, bussenbusan, Bplus12, Goldprotect2, Milyfan29, Fritomerf, Jblvr101, Ritter46, Halo30881, Lingling778, Dom425,Goldprotect2, Ipod156, Bushy42583, P195301716, Cece1002, Si123b, Richardjose6, R2d2sally, Sutmegzy2, Amazed 1, Ahnaaf1, Colorful2756, Krate Ninja2, Agent4080, Prince93004, Aldrin 73, Killerkraab, Olive Heart, 1bigsister1, Woo5514, Game15150, Sheena79, Tripti Mam, Picopoco3, Pupless1, Anthonylittl, Coolasice3, Sardinebird, Abhinav89565, Kevin Go, Julian Cool2, Pandrews85, 000pink, Hellobob321, Avegail 1016, Ata244, Iggy Sundude, Desiy4, Gary 11115, Gary7843, Kavijedi, Liake 21, Sillyguy009, Angelpopp, Pinkameana20, Sgtpepper396, Hotshot22222, Clubstaff242, Marsiline624, Obedisobed, Lilbruin03, Uberaloaf, Donutgirl18, Yaya16098, Ali9878, Horse Freek1, Cottanball72, Jojo48826, Pengwee00, Apar45, Christoper26, Grechen5, Bobby Blu1,

Didn’t get a promotion and think you deserve one? Please fill out the form below!

What is your Penguin Name?

What is your current rank?

How active have you been on a scale of 1-10?


What is your penguin name? Edd64

What is your current rank? General

How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 10

Sorry for this being late!

29 Responses

  1. Yay! Thank you for the promo! ;D

  2. To all UK people – there were quite a few people in the uk division who DIDNT get promotion so I’ll be editing this later, don’t think this is the final complete copy.

    • Now it is xD ive made my revisions now so all I thought needed promotion have now been promoted 😀

  3. What is your Penguin Name? James18120
    What is your current rank? Corporal
    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 8
    i come to most uk events and weekend events

  4. I didn’t get promoted? 😮 That’s quite surprised :c I have tried ny hardest to be the best troop I can be and I have been to every UK event, and all the important weekend ones! At least I can apply for one.

    What is your penguin name? Cutie2854
    What is your current rank? Staff Sergeant
    How activehave you been on a schale of 1 – 10? 9.5

  5. Yes! I got promoted! Thanks Cool c:

  6. Wow! I didn’t expect to get a promotion! Especially since my computer crashed yesterday and I couldn’t attend the battle with the HSA!! 😀

  7. Congrats to everyone who got promoted!

  8. What is your Penguin Name? Kkabc123
    What is your current rank? Master Sergeant
    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 8
    I come to almost all the events if I can make it

  9. I’m there, promted by one rank as Pjppig, but I should be Pjgpjg

  10. 1. Vahvel1
    2. Master Sergeant
    3. 5 (can’t be online so often)

  11. 1. Vahvel1
    2. Master Sergeant
    3. 4-5 (can’t be online so often)

  12. Merci pour la promotion Edd.

  13. I should be a staff sargeant because when i started nachos i was called Sophie3501 (which is in sargeant) but now i am called Happy Feet05 so please can you change Happy Feet05 to staff sergeant please? thanks 🙂

  14. I am proud to be a nacho!!!!!

  15. What is your Penguin Name?Kerouaz
    What is your current rank?Lieutenant
    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 9

  16. What is your penguin name? Avengers679

    What is your current rank? Private

    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10?

  17. What is your Penguin Name? Bubbagum620
    What is your current rank? Lieutenant
    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 9

    I came to almost every event this ,month!

  18. What is your penguin name? Dancer5118
    What is your current rank? Lieutenant
    How active have you been on a scale of 1-10? 8

  19. Hey guys I’m not on the ranks… I should be on lieutenant colonel…

  20. Holy crudcakes, I am the ONLY Major!

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