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Hola Nachos!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT POST regarding  our very own chat.

We’ve had a heck a lot of new recruits recently, and if you’re reading this, you may be one of them. If you are, then you need to make sure you are regularly making visits to the chat and making yourself known. There are many reasons that we need all current and new soldiers to constantly be on chat.

Firstly, you need to be on chat during a battle. Since we all know the club penguin servers have pretty restrictive filters, it means we can’t communicate properly on club penguin. For example, you cannot say “E+T ON 3!” Which is an example of a tactic that is done in nacho chat. The servers won’t allow it, and will either block you from typing it or will not allow the message to be shown to other penguins (although it does show to you). Always keep in mind that not everything you say on Club Penguin is visible, and therefore, this is why being on Nacho Chat is a MUCH MUCH MUCH more reliable place to communicate.

For you penguins out there who have not visited chat, it is a really fun place to hang out, and everyone who goes there always says that they regret not coming sooner, or that they love it and will always come back. The general atmosphere and feeling of Nacho Chat is a nice, friendly one, and although you may occasionally have a bad apple, the elders on chat will usually make sure that that naughty person is kicked, or even banned from the chat. Additionally, many of you younger penguins may be thinking that the internet can be a dangerous place and chatting to other people online can often be unsafe, but in the example of Nacho Chat, this is not true. In the Nachos, we do our absolute best  to make sure that you stay safe online and nothing bad can happen to you.  Our chat website has been used for over 6 years now and has always been very reliable to us, you can trust in me that it will never be unsafe or violate your privacy.

On another note, if you wish to gain promotion in the Nacho Army, become a feared and respected individual among us, and generally make new and good friends, not visiting nacho chat is not the right thing to do. What you want to be doing is to be on chat as much as possible, making friends and talking to others, and that way, the leaders will notice you, notice you are active, and promote you. As a lower rank it is only really necessary to get noticed by a leader in order to be promoted.

Also, during battle time, you cannot follow the leader’s orders correctly and efficiently, and you may even get left behind in battle, not knowing where everyone went! You might not know that the leaders want you to charge making a puffle emote (E+P) or move to the iceberg, and not following orders correctly may result in not being promoted, or even demotion.

The majority of our soldiers in the army are either from EASTERN STANDARD TIME zone in America or GMT TIME ZONE in England.

For an English person, the best time to be online at chat and to make new friends and be noticed is at 7:00 PM GMT to 9:00 PM GMT. Those are the times the chat is most active for you.

For an American person, the best time to be online at chat and make new friends, and be noticed is around 4:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.

Depending on where else you might be in the army, these can be liable to change, but try and work out the time difference between you and either GMT or EST and using that difference figure out when chat is most active for you at your country.

Don’t forget, the WEB ADDRESS of chat is –


Click the words above to go to chat now!

And remember, you need to visit chat at the best times so you have a chance of there being a moderator or owner online to make you a member of the chat.

Often, if you go on chat, and a moderator or owner kicks you after trying to make you a member, this means that YOU MUST REFRESH YOUR BROWSER or CHANGE YOUR NAME ON THE CHAT to join the chat and be membered, and talk to other Nachos.



That’s about all for this post, Nachos, and remember, if you want promotion, ALWAYS BE ON CHAT during battle time, and ALWAYS be active in the army, following orders and listening!

~6789cool – VIVA LOS NACHOS!




5 Responses

  1. This is true ^
    All recruits should go on chat to socialise and and just have fun, and to make sure you DO get promoted. The only reason I am well known and have lots of friends and never get demoted, is thanks to chat! Hope to see all you recruits on chat c:


  3. the only thing is, for the younger penguins there is alot of swearing and innapropriate language on nachochat.

  4. I agree about all of this except that I have seen some not-so-appropriate conversations…

  5. Don’t forget though – most inappropriate language is censored on xat unless you untick a certain box somewhere so it won’t affect you most of the time!

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