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What You Should Do During An Event! [It’ll make you more likely to get promotions]

[Yeah, I’m back, ha, your life is ruined] I know this looks like quite a bit of text, and I know you’re probably sick of massive posts full of texts, but this reallly isn’t that big, and it’s important, and WILL help you during your time in the Nachos.

Coming to events is the best way to earn promotions. Everyone knows that. However, if you are not a good troop during events, then the likelihood of getting a promotion is low! The vast majority of you however, are really good during events- I’m impressed! But there’s one or two things that you guys need to work on.

The first is- DO NOT BE AFK [Away From Keyboard] during an event, if you’re on chat during an event, then you are expected to log on to Club Penguin, if an owner sees that you are constantly AFK during events, they’ll probably think that you’re a lazy troop, and you may end up being demoted. Of course, everyone goes AFK occasionally,  but please, if you’re going AFK, and you know we’re going to be logging in for an event, or you’re going AFK during an event, then please close the chat, so that we don’t have to think that you’re just being lazy.

Number 2- Remember to keep side conversations to a minimum. Try not to have conversations during an event, it distracts troops from  the tactics, and therefore makes us perform really bad at the event- which we of course don’t want, as we’re the most powerful army in Club Penguin at this current moment.  If you really need to talk to someone, then private chat them- but you should keep checking back on main every few seconds to make sure that you don’t miss any tactics.

Number 3- An easy one, make sure that you follow tactics quickly, and do exactly what the leader says, this shows that you’re a really good troop if you do this.

Number 4- Don’t lead, unless the leader tells you to. This confuses other troops, and makes them perform tactics that they shouldn’t be, which could jeopardise the event for us! Note: The highest rank online is always leader at the start of an event, until they allow someone else to lead! Yes, that means that even if the highest rank online[although this is very unlikely to happen] is a Private First Class- then you listen to them! 

And they’re the only tips I can think of for now, if in doubt, ask an owner!


And because it won Best Music Video at the Kerrang! Awards 2013, here’s Pierce the Veil [Ft.Kellin Quinn] -King for a Day.  It’s not all screaming, I promise.

~Chrisi Blule


11 Responses

  1. Make sure to follow these during any battle or event, Nachos!

  2. […] What You Should Do During An Event! [It'll make you more likely to get promotions] […]

  3. I had to go AFK once, and I constantly searched the chat for tactics. I didn’t mean to be lazy.

  4. sup. forgot to subscribe lol

  5. im so sorry i wasnt able to make the raid an emergancy came up

  6. I love this song. \(^o^)/

  7. Nice tips 😛
    You should also mention to keep doing tactics for 15 seconds or till everyone else is doing it, as our tactics nowadays are very messy.

    • but if everyone waits till some one does it wont no one do it? i like the first thing you mentioned though:).

  8. I had to go to my aunt’s for lunch, and I couldn’t make it AND I had a birthday party also. So sorry I said I could go!

  9. i love this song. And Kellin Quinn.

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