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Breeze Set Ablaze

Hola Nachos!

Today, we decided that we would raid ACP’s capital Breeze!  We marched onto the server where we were happily greeted by the citizens of Breeze.  Soon enough, an angry mod of anti-ACP citizens gladly joined in with us as we set Breeze ablaze.  We gathered in our ships with a force of about 35 Nachos and sailed over to the Ice Berg for an excellent training session as Breeze burned in the distance. A small force of ACP arrived to meet us, but they were soon catapulted across the water into the burning city of Breeze. We continued with our frenzy of tactics at the Ice Berg, then we soon set sail for Fjord where we arrived at the Cove to unload everything that we looted from Breeze.  After a day of hard work, we settled in the Night Club to celebrate our success! 😀

Anyway, in all seriousness now, great job today, Nachos!  We managed to max out at 35 Nachos, so that is excellent! Let’s keep this up, so we’re ready for our big battle this Saturday against the Dark Warriors! 😀

Thanks to everyone who came!


541 2 3 6

3rd on popular. We actually had 45 on chat according to be earlier count.

7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


Nacho Leader

23 Responses

  1. I made it!

  2. I made it.

  3. Great jobs guys ;D

  4. Great job guys!

  5. yum

  6. I made it half the events because of chores 😦

  7. I made it! That event was fun except for the bots that slowed down my computer

  8. I made it.

  9. couldn’t make it. I’m still in stinkin’ school. 😡

  10. I
    I made it.

  11. i came for a lil’ bit

  12. I was there but I was locked out of the town for the first part. I was there the entire time we were at the iceberg but then had to leave suddenly. Hopefully I won’t be locked out at the next event!! Oh and I love the imagination in this article! (^0^)

  13. I, Frosty Puff1 made it

  14. If you had trouble with lag, press = to lower your resolution.

  15. i made it.

  16. I was their

  17. I made it

  18. i was there for most of the battle.

  19. Well at least I made that!

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