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Nacho Army Igloo Contest Sign-Ups Extended!

Hola Nachos, Pechu here,Informing you that the Nacho Army Igloo Contest Sign-Ups are now Extended to July 10 due to not many people sending in their Igloos by June 25 which is in 3 Days.

The rules are still in https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/nacho-army-igloo-contest/ and you may check them over there! 

If there are not atleast 10 people Signed up the Igloo Contest will be canceled.


So Remember! The contest Sign Ups are until July 10th and the Results will be up on July 15.


Thanks for reading this. Until then Nacho On!




Nacho Major General

Quote Of The Day:

“We do have a lot in common, The same Earth,The same Air, The same Sky. Maybe if we started looking in what’s the same instead of what’s different…Well, Who knows?”

-Pokemon: The First Movie (1998), Maddie Blaustein (Meowth)


8 Responses

  1. Please Leave your Igloo Pictures Down Below this Line!


  2. I also enjoy apples

  3. Thank you o great Pechu! ;D

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