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Another Cheesy Victory on Tuxedo

Hola Nachos, Joker here! Today we had a decent day, we had fully realized this was going to be an easy win for Nachos even before the battle had started. Nachos got around 30-35 throughout the entire battle, while RPF had around 15-20. Now, even though this is another victory for the Nacho Army our sizes could have been much better, we totally kicked butt, but we can do much better at the next event I’d like to see our regular 40-50 sizes, still today was a good day, so keep up the good work! While our army worked like a well-oiled machine, RPF’s chat was complete chaos, and they’re Club Penguin performance was even worse, Nachos grasp a hold of another victory 😀 ! So let’s keep up the great work, and win this this war with a bang Nachos! Click on Read More for more picture of the raid

                                                                                                                              Max size: 35+ Nachos

Let’s start off with some pictures of RPF’s chat through the entire battle 😆 :

 photo rpf3_zpsf1f13fed.png

 photo rpf5_zps077ff35d.png

Yeah Puckley sure is a tremendous amount of help, but we aren’t compltely dependent of him as you are of Elm. :mrgreen:

Your troops don’t even like you Elm 😆

 photo rpf2_zps163c7359.png

 photo rpf6_zps64f9389e.png

Oh thelulz, time for the battle:


Nachos successfully break RPF’s small line 😆

Very little RPF to be seen

Locked troops during the battle at town.

I took this a little late, but this is when RPF retreated to the plaza, and Nachos followed.

Battle at the Plaza:

Their jokes were just so boring 😐

Nachos, Showing some love in the booth<3

 photo 429389ea-a7be-4641-a057-9071113a96c2_zps54629634.jpg

 photo 36cd58c4-6887-4c97-8bd8-8ab4814f6173_zps83e90b8a.jpg

I was given word that Nachos also had a good amount of troops locked out during the plaza, but I didn’t see them my self, so I can neither confirm nor deny this, since I don’t like to make claims that I have no proof for, unlike certain RPF 😆

Nachos soon logged off, knowing full well they had already won, RedGush24 soon admitted defeat in pc, but I had lost my former screenie and had to ask him again to admit defeat 😳 :

Well as usual guys make sure to comment if you made the battle, and I hope to see you guys tomorrow at the Battle of Tundra!

Thank you 50, and Wolfie for providing some pictures.


19 Responses

  1. i was there we won it easily 😀

  2. I made it

  3. Go Nacho Army! 😀

  4. We kicked ass

  5. I made it!

  6. I was the penguin in the car

  7. I was there an hour before the battle but i had to leave unexpectedly.

  8. I was there!! we won AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry couldn’t make it. To busy

  10. I couldn’t make. I was to busy

  11. made it …another cheesy victory 😀 and hope so the sizes improve in the coming battles

  12. I made it, locked out on a few pictures

  13. I made it. Great job Nachos!

  14. one of these pictures are actually mine XD… funny cause I took like no pictures

  15. I made it and got a lot of pics

  16. Good job guys!

  17. I made it!

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