Promise Me This

Hola Nachos!

Unfortunately, I must be away again for some time as I go away on another vacation.  Due to that, I won’t be able to be on for the majority of the week, so I’ll most likely miss some of the key events during the day.  I’ll have a computer with me, so I’ll still be able to make some posts and perhaps I’ll make it on during the night at times.  Otherwise, I’m going to enjoy my vacation. 😉

While I am away, promise me that you’ll do these things….

  • Give all the leaders and owners your absolute best effort and attention and to follow all of their orders precisely.  All of them are great leaders!
  • Recruit, recruit, recruit!  Now that we are at peace, we must be recruiting!  If you’re on chat and not doing anything, go on Club Penguin and try to recruit!  You can even recruit your friends!
  • Don’t freak out since I’m not there at the battle. HAVE FAITH AND TRUST in ALL of the leaders and your fellow troops!  It truly is all of you guys that make this work and function—believe in that.
  • HAVE FUN!  There’s no more war!  Relax this week and enjoy it, but remain focused on that Legends Cup!

That’s about it! I’ll still be making posts about every night, so we’ll be in touch!

I expect to see great things when I check in!  Prove me right!

If it motivates you, win for me 😉

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


Nacho Leader

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  1. all hail puckley

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