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No RPF. You’re Ruining Everything.

Chrisi Edit: Incase it wasn’t clear enough, this is a joke. A JOKE  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joke I would like to take the opportunity to remind you guys of the fact that we have a peace treaty that can not be broken without consequence. Good day.

Please note, my views are not representative of the Nachos army, well they probably are, but they’re not “officially”. And of course we take official things seriously in the Nachos. Brb, cracking myself up.

Edit: During the making of this post, Nacho chat refreshed for everybody, RPF, I can’t believe you’d stoop this low.

First they ruin recruiting, and now they do this.

This, poor, poor RPF troop was clearly DDoS’ed by the evil RPF. RPF, this behaviour is disgusting. I can not believe that you would do such a thing. You are ruining armies with this kind of behaviour. This troop, had to not only buy a new router, but a whole new computer! Even after they turned their router off, and unplugged it, the internet traffic flowing into the computer was just too great, causing it to explode. This was a traumatic event for Snoopy565. Her parents have banned her from watching TV and have proceeded to confiscate her phone. She delivered this message via smoke signals.

This naturally isn’t the first time you fiends have DDoS’ed anyone. As Joker’s post >>>HERE<<< clearly shows, you have DDoS’ed multiple people. 

I call Club Penguin Armies to imprison Elmikey immediately.

This post was written after the events of Club Penguin’s Twenty-Thirteen, a novel about a man in the dystopian-reality of Naval Ship 2, a province in the totalitarian nation of Federationia. 

~Chrisi Blule

Credits to Shadow for making me want to write a post about RPF, although I couldn’t use his exact idea, due to some problems getting the correct pictures.

4 Responses

  1. Nice post! I hope it knocks sense into some people 😀

    • Thank you Cutie. As you know, many innocent people are DDoS’ed every day. We need to stand together and defeat those who do such an evil deed.

  2. lol why am i laughing

  3. lol nice post

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