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Club Penguin Fullscreen! Download!

Hola Nachos, Dj Dan made a pretty amazing download for you guys! It’s Club Penguin Full Screen!


100% Secure and The Virus Sites say it’s very safe!


This program doesn’t just go full screen. It takes off a lot of lag for all those laggy people out there this is the program for you!


How to download:

This folder should be called Club Penguin FullScreen zip.


Open The Folder!

Copy this Folder and paste it somewhere
Now you open the folder you just copied
These 3 Files HAVE TO be together for the program to work!



 Right Click on CP FullScreen.exe and click!


Copy the shortcut and paste it where ever u want -.-
Now Open that Shortcut AND BOOM




No more switching Tabs! You can use This Amazing App to  be on CP and xat at the same time!


Everybody thinks it’s great everyone thank DJ Dan The link is below!



“May The Salsa be With You Great Soldier”


Nacho Major General

8 Responses

  1. These pics arent so great but it’s the real deal! Try it out!

  2. Knowing Dan, I’m gonna get DDOSed or hacked if I do this.

  3. Will it run well on Vista; or will it be less laggy then the browser version? Just wanna know a bit more details before I make a move to download it =w= Besides that, this is great! Thanks Dan you’re epic!

  4. dj is gay

  5. can you make a mac download.

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