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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Marching Ahead

Hola Nachos!

As we continue to trudge through the beginning of the school year, we must continue to march on to keep this glorious army going strong!  School along with our many other activities that we are involved definitely factor in into how active and how much time we can put into the Nachos.  Some weeks are more favorable than others which is expected, but with an army of this size, skill, and quality of troops we should still be able to maintain ourselves at a high level of dominance!

This week we look to bounce back stronger than ever!  Last week was certainly just a slight drop compared to our previous weeks of success, but we aren’t satisfied with nothing than the very best, that’s for sure!  Although we have managed to capture first on top of the rankings the last few weeks, it seems to have been a rather dry atmosphere with activity dwindling leading up to all of last week.  Going through the motions and having the same old events is certainly not fun, so we definitely look forward to this week and re-instituting that Nacho swagger with some fun events!

In order to get things fixed up to get back on track we need to straighten some things out.  I won’t go into great detail on each, so hopefully just the simple statement will get through to you.

  • Attend all the events you can; we need everyone to function as a successful army! Obviously, family, school, all of that is more important, but try to balance what you can and come have some fun with us! 😀



  • BE ON NACHO CHAT!  I really don’t mind you being on other army chats as well, but the Nachos are your home so at least be on the chat with us if you’re going to be online.


And I hate to really punish anyone, but because of some recent actions some guidelines need to be set on this as well:

  • If you intentionally skip an event without a valid reason, you risk being demoted immediately.

  • If you refuse to log on for an event or battle “just cause you don’t want to” or any other frivolous answer, you risk being demoted immediately.

  • If I or any leader has to constantly PC you to come to chat or to log on for an event, you risk being demoted as well.  You should be on Nacho Chat anyway, and you should know when Nacho events are.


On a different note, we also instituting some new things to help us further rise some more.


CLICK >>HERE<< to check out what legion you are in! Make sure to come back and finish reading the post though 😉

Yes, finally, legions are up and running.  We have the army divided up into two legions: Sombrero and Maraca.  There is also a Cheese Legion and Salsa Legion for our UK and AUS troops, but those specific legions are separate and our UK and AUS still belong to either the Sombrero Legion or Maraca Legion as well.  We will use our legions primarily for recruiting purposes right now, but we also look forward to using them in the future during battles too.  Then, of course, we will use the legions to have our very own Sombrero vs. Maraca battles!


As a part of your legion, you and your legion will be assigned to a specific server to patrol and recruit on daily.

Sombrero Legion: Alaska

Maraca Legion: Alpine

For right now, we are just going to have the legions stick to those two servers two start off.

Some basic things you need to know about this:

  • YOU MAY RECRUIT WHENEVER YOU WANT!  A leader does not have to order you to recruit!
  • YOU CAN GATHER YOUR OWN GROUP IN YOUR LEGION TO GO ON TO RECRUIT!  Member ranks, you can gather your friends and even lead!
  • Owner, Mod, and Member ranks – I’m relying on all of you to step up and take charge in order to get recruiting parties going.
  • Always listen to the highest rank in charge or however you decide to work it out.
  • The Legion Recruiting is separate from the Daily Recruiting.  We’ll do the Daily Recruiting as one whole army.
  • This greatly increases your chance of getting a promotion!  No, seriously, you have no idea how much it will!

Fairly soon, we will start having some Recruiting Wars between the different Legions where the winning side who recruited the most soldiers throughout the week will receive some awards, prizes, or perks – something of the like.  I just need to think of something to offer to the winning. So, if you have any ideas on this, please comment! 😀


In order to become the best, it all starts with recruiting and building that strong foundation of troops that make this army function.  The more recruiting the better as it will only make us stronger which is exactly what we plan on doing.  We will now be recruiting everyday throughout the week to build up our sizes.  Obviously, you are not expected to attend every single of these recruiting sessions, but they will certainly increase your chances of getting a promotion x10!

Every day7:30 pm ET | 6:30 pm CT | 5:30 pm MT | 4:30 pm PT

on Alaska or Alpine most likely.

  • For the most part, we will recruit together with no legions for the daily recruiting.
  • Sometimes, we could divide up between legions and have a contest which legion recruits more on different servers during the time we recruit together.
  • Again, this greatly increases your chance of getting a promotion!  You have no idea on much it actual does!


You’ve probably already have seen it, but if you haven’t, it’s that twitter feed located on the top left side of the widgets containing all the cool information. 😉  Basically, all the owner ranks will have access to the live blog and will be able to post live updates whatever it may be.  So, just make sure to be checking that!  Hopefully, it’ll be useful to you and everyone else! 😀


All right, I threw a lot of new information at you guys, and I tried to make this post as short as possible, so please if you have any questions regarding anything in this post, please comment and ask!  I may have left out some information possibly or been too vague on something.  Certainly, we will address all the issues as they come up through this, so expect some more posts coming soon (yes, owners, that means you O: )

Also, please comment if you have any ideas regarding the Recruiting Wars legion winner for the week on what they would receive if they won! 😀


Stay strong, Nachos!

We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!


Nacho Leader

5 Responses

  1. Did you really just say “swagger”…

  2. Long, but awesome post 😀
    I’m not afraid to admit that I’m along those who’ve been going to events less, and I’m sorry for that D:
    I have loads of homework, problems, stuff to do and whatnot so I can’t make much events. I’ve also moved house majorly, so now I’m so busy, to make it worse, whenever there IS a battle, it usually starts exactly when I need to go to bed :c
    Also, adding on to the fact that I have so much homework and exams coming up soon, my laptop is having a couple of problems, like major freezing, lagging and the most biggest event-threating problem, my laptop always shuts DOWN on its OWN. This is why I’m not so active during events, starting since June.
    Also, now my timezone is very much different to others, and so the times are awkward and I usually end up missing them D:

    However, almost every day I do find time to go on chat! Except, when I do come on, there’s only around 5 or less people, like Selena, Power, Infinity, Cricket and Cool. Also, now my parents don’t like me coming on too much, so that’s also a reason I’m less active.

    I still check the site using my phone, while I make comments. Recently I haven’t made much comments, but that’s because my phone had this weird problem – that when I search up yhe site, it turns wblank

    • Sorry for the sudden stop, it was getting too long so I’m just gonna continue here xD:

      Just recently that problem diminished, as I can now read whatever is on the site again 😀

      I’ll be active and a super great troop like I was during March – June again if 1. There is AUSIA events that fit in to my time and homework schedule 2. I fix my freaking laptop/or get a new one.
      Since there is freetime recruiting, I would do that if my laptop works. So I’ll try to whenever I can!

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