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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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September Promotions 2013 | Monthly Awards

New to the Nachos? Click >>HERE<< to join!

EDIT: The Captain and Lieutenant ranks have been combined, as have the Staff Seargant and Master Sergeant ranks. Note that the combining of ranks does not change YOUR specific rank. Also, highest member is back to being Lieutenant.

NOTE: The members that were promoted were the ones who commented on the active count, and the ones we have seen frequently during events and on chat. If you are a member and didn’t  get promoted, we might have missed you. Comment below, and we will consider promoting you.

Hola Nachos!

It has been a long month of September. A lot of great troops have retired, including nacho legend Ads and Club Penguin army legend Puckley. In this long month known for making armies fall, and considered the worst month for armies due to school starting, we still managed to get first several times, and never getting lower than 4th. It was a harder month for us compared to other armies, due to 2 leaders retiring, But we picked ourselves up, and managed to do well during the September fall. Here are the people who have proved this month they have been active and loyal to the Nachos.

Click “Read More” to see whether you got a promotion


Bold + Blue = promotion


General:  Beeky, Mikester, Wolfie1215,

Lieutenant General: Tomato 8883, 6789cool, Dj Dan

Major General: Chrisi Blule, Danny9632, Shiver

Brigadier General: Pechu123, Chrisi Blule, Guitar48300, Camperjohn64, Pyjamas Jr, Kenneth1000, Fido1625, Kingfunks4, Pony Eee

Colonel: Sport11298, Ungeace, Max43810, Victor, Dancer5118, Ace Fireken6, 1234power(AUSIA Leader)

Lieutenant Colonel: James30072, Bearsboy10, J Boy 5, Bubbagum620, Billy Mays, Cutie2854(Ausia Leader50 Cent 254

Major: Arnold6559, Foldez, Jtzink, Vonchiefer, Baseball1043, Benag, Martin897, Sneezy

Captain: Neer The End, Joshg1Tamary, Blazeion, Laitha380, Aquaglamgirl, Vick44, Kyle103, SimpleJoe, Toonlink723, lovepuppy63

Lieutenant: Winterburn13, Daniel574, Dpd, Keoruaz, Zafeer15, Vahvel1, Stromae, 123nai, Expresso Joe, 78562cool, Fiasco 121, Mr Mailman, Clover902, Kkabc123, Green Dai,  Carson4,  Brandon24dog, TheWarrior46, CrazyDawg123, Walid92, Red Globe, Morty, Lovepuppy63, Vissie987, 1goblinguy, Northwezzy, Grayrocket, 78562cool, Redduck35, Hadger, Fluffyboy3, Mario988, Weazelkid

Staff Sergeant: Ultimo1, NathanRed3, Mlop87, Ryan0047, Darkman5, Sean, Tumble12343, Kjdpenguin,  Dyoxs123,  Robecuba, Skipper233, Soap Srg, EPFAgent9421,  Kandie Doo, Ciwwa, Celtic Daft, Zyxwv124, Xcheezpuffx, Idealrussian, Tancho, James18120, Sophie3501, Pinkyribbon, Becca1368, Skyfish,  Daziscooliw,  Sophie3501, Mrblob5,  Maxjerry12345,  Mrzach54321, Jojo Usa, WaterGuard (Rein), Icepro24, Hen16, Cody2143, Marmie59, Billiboo12, Mii Is Cool, Lop2009, Son Nav, Cricketlover

Sergeant: Darthvador57, Bonquiquiqua, Cpt Awesome3, Zazzyred57, One4444, Gjk5566, Mcab2,  Coolman31774, Sonic1120, Flamex, Rocke Boy55, Cooltj4, Arya309, SparkAngel5,  Gayle202, Olive Heart, Hyper Boy (Knucklesdx), LillyAllStar, Citytune5, Billiboo12,  Mrcool 125, Hydro234,  Teddy5012, Hockey322,  Chevyk5, Lollymolly22, Starlad, Emkiby101, Tripy26953, Bowser1231

Corporal: Toys30, Dialogic, Serpent Mt, Peeta756, Shadow11247,  Sissydear, Penguinup45, Jrp0311, FallenBoy, Iceboy8974, Coolio Mundo, Robertbbr, Datdudebp, Missisflower, Sandclaw99, Toffeetissue, Bobe 447  Cocoanut4,  Pranavc12345, Big Fig1,  Meepow,  Hardy12345,  Mrladnier, Cage9, Inception23  Sora43990, Straco3, Striker 94, Lollypoppa10, Weezy314, Maxx3456,  Aqua Summers, Twotwo2614, Invisible525, Razerx123, Kyle2000, Rockor King, Fglo, Venus1010, Narutoboy456,  Pinkypups8, Skelly10,  Helios8, Daisy40026,  Erinwong1123, Penny15234,  iluvpizza000, Skittelgal8, Plants10000, Bowser1231, Fico290, Ryback116, Cooldude1, Loky30, Sasuke1622, Makenzie1234, Billybob2717, Emerald123, Brigade3, Shimmerstar9, Griffin, Puffle703

Lance Corporal: Rebecca36215, Fin Can, Robbybobby, Pinkiettgn, Pinkanator63, Shawn892, Michelle9123, Buddy5538, Momsgrl524, Hatspop8776, Clubxlcboys, Wiccan11, Icecube6897, Nattyboy8, Redcake224, Noteboook, Princejr100, RedBen4, Elmodj, Wwyy, Justinfortsa, Qwerty1214, Johnny156, IcyPaws7, Liam884, Jmierejackson, Damiere, Jakedasnake8, Lime Fishy, Ninjago564, Ryanalex123, Herbivorrre, Topprank101, Sillyjoker5, Hehegurl, Hopak, Mcnabb54, Waffguy, Loganlay1, Tootal, Ben3710, Ksgb2, Firefox1968, Logan1315, Fruge 2001, Layan12, Austin Blue7, Kilbadiba, Hannahbanna524, Nutty Hayley, Dj Quacks, Jquin3916, Yankee Man9, Chrystolg, Cuddleycute, Britpenguin3, Pollyseason, Wwyy, Peace71342, Jacob1113, Pengu T O, Cat55567, Debbah2002, Sammys4444, Tyler74602, Raven 10, Nachogirl053, Tuner777, Dylan92118, Thegavman, Color50, Black Funky, Buddyboo457, Porkramen, Applebiter, SnoZone1, Rockyiceman1

Private First Class: Crazydoc, Cooldude935, Odyn, Hardy Boys22, Rootbeer128, Waddles20869,  Cuddle1011, Chibby45, Lolcutie987, Pepper3506, Go Apple, Leesaurus123, Limpit, Iheartcows2,  Bobrules 107, Caleb2212, Epicgamer5, Nasarules620, Buzzbuzz216, Houston07, Jsarandis6, Flexi365, Patrick20021, Tuquynh, Rare 18, Shan78,  Astro75114, Cp Hero C3, Xawesome3, Cookie20885, Charmanttt, Harver12, Mordecia55, Claire2500,  Jamesraven, Ninja85456, Diego0531, Kacper4, Games6, Cunwolf,  The Pinky8, Kyutie, Dragon14989, Speedy84804, Kindpenguin, Lemon Girl24, Dexter86090, Dragonoid023, Arakisan, Johneaskew, Doggy44556co, Curious Georg, Donutgirl18, Agent80755, Semper5010

Private: Redangel04, Cherry97168, Ciano Zero, MichaelJ4, Goody321, Mike And Max,  Ally531,  Samby252,  Maryam, Awsome3091,  Ashleypie17, Khoi4, Lilly88527,Fghj18204, Man U Kid2, Buttertoast3, Matt55555, Owenjp, Candyfan213, TheSaiyaMan, Thitmo, Jtimbol2, Manveri, Perky37534, Marie13131,matthew1379, Stanley2002, Mouse11000, Kylie0502, Cap987, Vxyzvxyz, Epic3150 [Boo4113], Flipflop8453, Tyler23844, QKC2000, Kingshelton, Peter B3, Paul1350, Evilday2, Rich Nich, Samantha3770, Foodlover75, Rebel288, Yoshiana1, Ran258, Ucl97, Randomman12, Bairy101, Nole7, 1badg8gt,  Penguinnoes, Defpotzero, Rocker12755, ChromeYum, Jelly Otto 22, Bigbatman07, Jsw3, Sfgjh, N1nja Dude 2, Chick51202, King 413, Rosie41296, Ingu21, Ninja Bob755, Flash7901, Firebird87, Briancathebe, Bubalo3, Mikalas, Selestia140, Endit12354,   Miworld888, Skyler13245, Keahi17, Strike Three, Ucbrother4, Nole 7,  Kylecan,  Cheezypeng12, Bubbyhomie, Tyb Julian,  Shonishoni, 1dfan562, Samdaman123, Keahi17, orangepixel, kookkook, Mr Tll, Bobjoe9656, Smartyii, Burp000p, lightfight272, Truebeatle12, bracher2, MrBrownguy1, Rou2323, lovey12272, Prinna221, Fireflame216, Yousef34, Zozod, Mkibler71, Ponkmo, Bombot1212, Fahaf918, Ambaay, Pinky Anna 2, Nighthawk479, Trogir2, Felcia, Jakden124, Limpit, Lilyrocks717, Kate81489, Spy Camera1, Katy19158, Ck12345, Pongywin, Pppranav, Fattyjoe1324, Superboy5904, Agentjedi, Sonu5798, RainEquibel, Penny5834, Chl1234, Emily7904, Candyboy280, Zainmix, thunderbomv, Avendano1, Ducklin641, Xman22, Bobjoe9651, Ruth P, Dodo78111, Popcorny5555, Typup, erik55444, Phyxerian, Logan Music, Soymilkboy,  Uknown2u2, Egbert3487, Cademantift,  Jampster24, Chompchompz, Fisherman158, Sam21619, Chilli Nacho, Beef Pizza1,  224ottavio, Coolcal00, Treasure22, Midnight677, Adamsway, Sharkhero7, Xxrey67xx, Sam21619, Frost Crysta, Zacoattacko1,Speedytoad, Lolypop136, Pennym2, Asteios123, Bambaadeee, Root03, Ridthik, Banana5121,  Lavaboy1028, Candy27615, Rocky15168, Shiverwings3, Ccf6, Curious Geor, Warmhuddles, Daffodil 6, Waddles20042, Izzie143, Queenlily1, Buther1, Summer43870, Chocalte445, Raulixmarioo, Tucsok2003, Dress20, Bryn2611, Thamer M, Madelyn1, Legodiego65, Superhero123, Dayalaf, Cookiechoco3, Paladin0227, Cookie6579, Chowder13736, bigfeet2, wobbyfeet, amna78693, 224ottavio, Tommy3375, Tobyp999, Thirstycamel, Dosa22144, Blue9350, Delrius786, Sarahh wuu, Mrg1162, 224otavio, Blair11940, Mcduck, Lord Fear 99, Elvis2500, Cookie5695, Yoda715, Peacock1807, Ab50, Sunshine276, 224ottavio, White wolf09, :3Dakota:32, Bubbles 813



Hopefully, I did not miss anyone, but if I did you know the drill; just fill out this form below if I missed you.  Don’t be afraid to fill it out if you really think you deserve it, especially if you are in the lower half of the ranks!

If you think you should have been promoted, please leave a comment filling out this form!

  1. What is Club Penguin username?
  2. What is your current rank?
  3. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


Owner of the Month


Mod of the Month


Member of the Month


Nacho of the Month

Pony Eee


We don’t march to the beat of drums, we hear maracas!

~Beeky & Mikester

Nacho Army Leaders

45 Responses

  1. Congratulations to everyone who got a promotion! Please leave a comment if you feel like you should have gotten one.

  2. Congrats to everyone who got a promo!
    You guys were fantastic this month!

  3. I got one and put a lot of effort in to it and feel i could have got up two. Only one penguin opinion.

  4. Woohoo promotions, congrats to everyone who got one too. You were all amazing!

  5. Congrats to everyone who was promoted!

  6. 1. What is Club Penguin username? Rockyiceman1

    2. What is your current rank? Private First Class

    3. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?

    First of all I did not comment on the active count because I was on vacation and I just got back today plus I do so much hard work 5 of my friends joined nachos because of me and I recruit a lot of times and I really try my best to remain active on chat I already got ranks like 2ic’s in big armies like UMA and even RF but I feel Nachos does not notice me and I saw another guy getting mod while I am in nachos since the last 4 months and all I get is nothing so I feel I deserve atleast a promotion now.

  7. 1. What is your Club Penguin username? Weazelkid
    2. What is your current rank in the Nacho Army? Master Sgt.
    3. What time zone do you live in? Eastern
    4. How active are you on a scale from 1-10? 8

    Commented on the active count in the alotted time as well… sooo

  8. I guess I didn’t really deserve to be promoted this month 😦 I have just been so busy with babysitting and schoolwork and family stuff that i don’t have much time for the nachos. Hopefully i can make time for the nachos this month and get promoted next time.

  9. What is Club Penguin username? Sneezy
    What is your current rank? Captain
    Why do you think you deserve a promotion? I’ve been active throughout this month, I have been going to events and I was told by Beeky I would be able to have one.
    I’m a cunt, though.

  10. Lovepuppy63
    Highest member

    I am commenting for everybody who didn’t get a promo.

    Even though I got a promo to moderator because 6789cool saw the original comment, edited it and gave me a promotion because 6789cool is a beast.

  11. Yes! I was promoted! Thank you who ever promoted me. 🙂

  12. Thanks so much for premoting me! 😀

  13. Thanks for the promo! 😀
    Well done everyone :mrgreen:

  14. Nice job those who got promoted

  15. Thank you for my promotion, and for Mod of the Month! ;D

  16. What is Club Penguin username? Max43810
    What is your current rank?
    Why do you think you deserve a promotion? I’ve made loads of events this month including both US and UK. I’ve also recruited before events and helped in them.

  17. Thanks a bunch for giving me Captain, I’ll work harder, you’ll know it (:

  18. Cricketlover
    I COMMMENTED on the active count 1 day after the post had been posted …..

  19. I’m one rank away from becoming a mod! 😮

  20. Wow…how things can change when you get off the Internet maybe you were a member yesterday….and now a mod….you were a mod yesterday now an owner…..and for me… I was an owner yesterday…but for me now I’m mod.

    Congratulations Danny Shiver and Chrisi btw.

    It’s been fun being an owner….I wont retire i’ll try and re-earn my rank one day.

    Until then….I’ll just have to wait…


  21. Yay I got a promo!

  22. sorry did not check the new names im Vissie987 the Lieutenant

  23. Congratulations to everyone who received a promotion! Too bad for me. I guess this is what I get for not being active. xp

  24. i feel that i should have gotten a promo since i made it to all that i could. im Gayle202.

  25. That Chrisi Blule guys is hawt

  26. […] updated as of October 8, 2013. Please check if you have posted a join comment on the Join Page or Promotions Post in the last few days. If you are not satisfied with your rank please PC an owner. – […]

  27. Thanks for the promo! B

  28. Thanks fr the promo! btw i’m shimmerstar 😀

  29. What is Club Penguin username?
    Zoo889(perm ban), Lochu

    What is your current rank?
    Brigadier General

    Why do you think you deserve a promotion?
    I am very active and very generous and use many kisses on xat to liven the mood.

  30. promo :):):):):) for me im so happy

  31. 🙂 I got promoted to Private First Class! Thank you whoever promoted me! (:

  32. what is your club penguin user name? brandon24dog

    what is your current rank? lieutenant

    why do you think you deserve a promotion? i think i deserve a promotion because when the active count came out i dont think i commented on it but i saw it but forgot my password so i wasnt able to commenet on it

  33. 1.What is Club Penguin username? Awesome77781
    2.What is your current rank? private
    3.Why do you think you deserve a promotion?
    I come to all the battles that I can and I am fully dedicated to the nachos. I respect bigger ranks, which is important being part of the smallest rank. Could you think about it?

  34. Just new here. I am playing with my nephew. He is 8. Sorry to see such unfortunate language.

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