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March 2014 Promotions!

Hola Nachos,

After a very exceptional month for the army, we end it off as we usually do with PROMOTIONS! Woo! :mrgreen: These promotions are for all of the hard working soldiers because you guys have been fighting really hard and you deserved these. Many of you may not have promoted again due to the recent promotion on Sunday, so I apologize. If you did not receive a promotion and you were very active this month, either contact me on chat or comment on this post. Nachos, if you did not receive a promotion use this as a motivation to strive for better in the coming months. Congratulations to all the troops that got promoted to a higher rank! The Nachos Leadership is very proud of all of you, and we hope to see you continue to progress in this army.

~ Danny & Beeky, Nacho Leaders

NOTE: I may have made a mistake by not promoting some active soldiers but if you are active (leaders will judge) I will either promote you or just leave you at your current rank.

If you did NOT get a promotion it’s either:

  1. I missed you by accident.
  2. You didn’t leave a comment on the “COMMENT IF YOU MADE IT!” posts after events.
  3. You are not very active and do not deserve a promotion.


Bold – Promotion

The more active you are the more likely you’ll receive a promotion!


Emperor: Beeky, Danny, Shiver

Lieutenant General: Guitar48300, Wolfie1215

Major General: Bubbagum, Pony Eee, Tamary (Emily)

Brigadier General: 1234power, BrassAssDash, Camperjohn64, Cutie2854, Dj Dan (San Chivas), Lop2009, Mario988,
Pyjamas Jr, Selena, Toonlink723,

Colonel: Benag, Fido1625, Irishspeaker, Kerouaz

Lieutenant Colonel: Iconic79, Darkman5Water Guard, Xcheezpuffx

Major:  Sonic1120Baseball1043, Cooltj4Sonic1120, xPins

Captain: Arceus1296, Becca1368, Greeny15390, Pjayo, Timtheman (MoneyTrees), Tylund1, Zing King To

Lieutenant: Agent80755, Becca1368, Brigade3, Citytune5, Gimpasaurous, Jayden1092, Lilchele11, Lollymolly22, Lootking, Penguina964, Pete44661, Progenitor, Pokeball111, Redsox209,

Master Sergeant: Camwoodstock, Jimichimi, Joshtdk, Kad186 (Katty), Miyls, Pengu T O, Touro48, Yolotron1000, Baraca

Sergeant: Baraca, Robecuba, Semper5010, Topaz2D9907,Zoey544

Corporal: Aidandan, Alatar1, Crash103, Mariobros522, Molbygirl, RenoKid, Zoey544

Lance Corporal: Gordon5360, Josh2997, Josh51234, Luliy1, Paperd, Seeoa, Smurfette

Private First Class: Ade720, Bandage23, Bean65432, Big Foot 56, Blair11940, Blueflame300, Bradshaw Kid, Buggins Will, Christain133, Cooldude1a, Doriboss, Dragonb45, Dylan92118, Free Dude 15, Golender, Hockey322, Petzi5, Lucylo5, Mariobilly, Mc Penguin 6, Minininja765, Mrcool 125, Mrgreeney2, Nataleealan, Patchlop, Pielover515, Pokebanjo, Sean98625, Seedeer1, Sfgjh, TBoy21, Tinny241

Private: Abbas 786, Alisond19, Anakin Sky20, Apik234, Aquaicy100, Armydude2007, Batarang04, Ben1011bh, Blazette F, Brayton1001, Caradepapa, Charchar002, Chriswes2011, Chubbyball, Clallister 3, Cooly207, Corkie123, Djkj12356, Dj Pengi 2, EcoHubert8, Finayp198, FireNinjaK T, Flappy 12648, Flappy48113, Gabezilla24, Gelatin20, Gmantkd, Grantalias, Greg09, Griff125, Goldnoodles1, Harpershine, Isaac13170, Icecoldlando, IcyGlaceon, Indian1, Izulja, Jaisick, Josh8710, Katerina Qt, Kesha5589, Kittykat1842,  kittywisker8, Kowalski6886, Lela 93993, Lillyjess2, Loganisnotme, Loliplie, Lollypop1626, Lucia1779, , Mason1045, MaTr1x45, Pingping4069, Mich10552, Mike72222, Mvmgaming, Nickwaddles, Nikisue, Notes Book, Ocean48902, Orange Jelli,  Piggopiggo, Pinkster6181, Pnnfcp, Rawtomato, Redcorvette6, Reina39627, Richards1776, Roxy20540, Royal pink2, , Seand102, Selemon, Sheshelynn, Shlok21020, Skulletor, Slimeplaya, Smiley0089, Sumir216 (Flame5768), Supeman379, Thekids1234, Tinkytie, Tobyp999, Tony10151, Wolfman12347, xProGamer15x, x xhellox x, Yopmail1, Zackie78, Zackcoolstar


10 Responses

  1. Congrats to all of those who received a promotion.

    This Month I’m Going To Be Very Active

  2. Thanks a lot!

  3. ._.

  4. 1.I missed you by accident.
    2.You didn’t leave a comment on the “COMMENT IF YOU MADE IT!” posts after events.
    3.You are not very active and do not deserve a promotion.

    i wuz active
    i comment on deh events dat ‘i made it ”
    defuk son

  5. im active

  6. yay I got promoted1!!

  7. I’m a lance corporal!!!

  8. Good job guys!

  9. Congrats to anyone who got promoted! 😀

  10. Whoa *.* I was scrolling down the ranks on my phone and noticed I got Corporal 😀 Thanks!!!

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