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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Rise To Glory

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I know that these past few days we have been struggling and quite frankly, we will continue to struggle if you Nachos do not make an effort. No matter how hard we have worked in the past, it will result in nothing if we all do not keep striving to work even harder. Yes, we did get back into the Top Three but it means absolutely nothing when we begin to slack off. An army is nothing without its soldiers, and the soldiers are nothing without any motivation. The simple idea of being a part of an army is not enough motivation for us anymore. None of us have been doing our jobs recently and that is the main problem of our downfall.

It is the lack of motivation in this army that is our downfall. Events don’t seem like fun anymore and it seems as if they are chores to you. They should not be considered as chores but as a time to get on Club Penguin and defend our reputation and our glory. I understand that recruiting and training may be boring to you, I know how you feel because I have been a soldier before but it does not mean that you skip the event. We must continue to train to achieve success. We need to keep working hard and pushing forward until we’re at the point where we can kick the crap out of any army that we want to. We have been known to be the biggest and best army in Club Penguin and our tactics have always been the pinnacle of Club Penguin armies, and they always will be if you put the time and effort in.

Many armies are starting to rise and they are threatening us, Nachos. Many armies dream and wish to be where we are. It is slowly becoming a reality for them. We cannot let that happen. We cannot let them take that away from us. It is OUR time, Nachos. It is our time to rise. We must band together from this point forward and rise up to the occasion. If you want this army to succeed, every single one of us will need to give their absolute best effort over these next few days. You are the backbone of this army. Without you this army is nothing. We all have to strive to make this army be better, bigger, and stronger. It is how we respond to this moment that will make us a better, dominant, and powerful army. From here on out, let’s all strive to be that army that we know we can be. We are the Nachos, be proud of that. Wear your sombrero high because we are the best army to have ever lived. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Don’t let them take our title. Nachos, it is time step up our game.

I am here to tell you all one thing. This army will always have our ups and downs; we are like a roller coaster. We must lift up our heads and keep moving forward. We need to look towards the future with a sense of purpose; to stabilize ourselves to get back up to the top. Everyone has their bad days and I do not want you guys to be discouraged over bad events. Confidence and motivation can affect the army in many ways. It’s important to know that being motivated is essential and vital to the rest of the army. I can see that every one of you are frustrated (including myself) but we cannot dwell on one bad day.

The difference between winning and losing a battle is not just a matter of size – it’s a matter of motivation. The key to success is confidence; confidence in yourself and confidence in the soldier beside you. If every single one of you is motivated and has a drive to win, this army will be on a whole other level compared to the rest of the community. However, things don’t magically just turn out for the better, everything requires work. Work and determination. If you are determined to win, we can achieve ANYTHING, we could break every single record out there. I simply ask that all of you get off your butts and make things happen, Nachos. All events are just another opportunity for redemption and we’re not taking advantage of it. Go out there on the battlefield with your fellow soldiers and help kick some butts and restore our glory. We know we are still the best army around and that we can beat anyone; well let’s prove it. Prove it to the whole entire community.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. The power of one is fearless and focused, is formidable, but the power of many working together is better.

~ Danny, Nachos Leader

5 Responses

  1. Hell yeah! Let’s reclaim the number one spot, and beat every other army that gets in our way!

  2. Nachos, what each and every one of you do makes a difference. In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can succeed. There is always room at the top, we just have to find our way there.

  3. We will all rise to the top! Even if we need to knock others down! WE WILL RISE! VIVA LOS NACHOS!!!!!!

  4. Well said, very well said…

  5. Danny I don’t know why but this post touched me. I mean yes half of the people on chat are retired and saying shit like screw cp than be afk for the full battle than after they talk shit to me and other nachos! It is time to stop this if we do we can rise we can take cp by storm in the summer. The summer is almost here. With your help Danny we can do it! Now lets do this NACHOS FOREVER!

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