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Spring Smackdown Promotions :o

Hello Nachos 😀

Here are the promotions for both Spring Smackdown battles.

Bold = Promoted

Didn’t get a promoted?

If you came to any of those two Spring Smackdown battles and didn’t get a promotion please comment on the results posts that you made it.

Results of Round One Click Here     Results of Round two Click Here


General: Beeky, Wolfie1215, Shiver, Laoise (Temp), Tamary (Temp)

Lieutenant General: Guitar48300, Edd64, 6789Cool, Pony Eee

Major General: Bubbagum, Dj Dan, Pyjamas Jr

Brigadier General: 1234power, BrassAssDash, Camperjohn64, Lop2009, Mario988, Selena, Toonlink723

Colonel: Benag, Fido1625, , Kerouaz, Pechu

Lieutenant Colonel: Iconic79, Darkman5, Water Guard, Xcheezpuffx, Flappy112, Justinfortsa

Major: Baseball1043, Cooltj4, Sonic1120, xPins, Redduck

Captain: Arceus1296, Becca1368, Pjayo,  Daniel574, Weazelkid, Jamie, Progenitor 

Lieutenant: 123r82, Agent80755, Brigade3, Citytune5, Gimpasaurous, Jayden1092, Lilchele11, Lollymolly22, Lootking, Miyls, Penguina964, Pete44661, Pokeball111, Redsox209, Stormb27 (Whitey 312), Skyfish, Jacori,

Master Sergeant: Baraca, Camwoodstock, Gtudsd, Jimichimi, Joshtdk, Kad186 (Katty), Pengu T O, Touro48, Yolotron1000

Sergeant: Berbatov, Robecuba, Semper5010, Topaz2D9907, Zoey544, , Molbygirl

Corporal: Aidandan, Alatar1, Crash103, Datdudebp, Ginger2203m2, Mariobros522, RenoKid, Xcheeto, Luliy1,

Lance Corporal:  Gordon5360, Josh2997, Josh51234, oggy889, Paperd, Seeoa, Smurfette, Travis602, DoribossMike72222

Private First Class: Ade720, Bandage23, Bean65432, Big Foot 56, Blair11940, Blueflame300, Bradshaw Kid, Buggins Will, Christain133, Cooldude1a, Dragonb45, Dylan92118, Free Dude 15, Goblinguy, Hockey322, Katie93611, Kkabc123, Krisbee1Lucylo5, Mariobilly, Mc Penguin 6, Minininja765, Mrcool 125, Mrgreeney2, Nataleealan, One4444 , Patchlop, Petzi5, Pielover515, Pokebanjo, Pug9sophia, Sean98625, Seedeer1, Sfgjh, Tape4444, TBoy21, Tinny241, Pug9sophia, Tootal, Daniel1boy, Piggopiggo

Private: 123k33, Abbas 786, Alisond19, Anakin Sky20, Apik234, Aquaicy100, Armydude2007, Atorm, Avatarinega, Batarang04, Ben1011bh, Blazette F, Brayton1001, Caradepapa, Carey56478, Charchar002, Christiefdes2, Chriswes2011, Chubbyball, Clallister 3, Cody9403, Cooly207, Corkie123, Daniel1574,  Djkj12356, Djlegocity, Dj Pengi 2, Double Up, EcoHubert8, Egbert 3487, Finayp198, FireNinjaK T, Flappy 12648, Flappy48113, Fluffypaws4, Gabezilla24, Gelatin20, Gmantkd, Grantalias, Greg09, Griff125, Goldnoodles1, Handyg04,  Harpershine, Hello1kitty0, Isaac13170, Icecoldlando, IcyGlaceon, Indian1, Izulja, Jaisick,  jerypeng2, Joey2874, Josh8710, Katerina Qt, Kesha5589, kishu5, Kittykat1842,  kittywisker8, Kowalski6886, Lela 93993, Lillyjess2, Loganisnotme, loki5652, Loliplie, Lollypop1626, Losta679, Lucia1779, Mason1045, MaTr1x45,  Mich10552, M1ckey M0use, Mingming4145, Mister Nacho, Moohay1, mudstack89, Mvmgaming, Nachos Fan, Nickwaddles, Nikisue, Notes Book, Ocean48902, Orange Jelli, Owllover51, 0Jack1,, papv99, partstripes, Pengy Smith1, Pingping4069, Pinkster6181, Pnnfcp, R2d2sally, Rawtomato, Redcorvette6, Reina39627, Richards1776, Roxy20540, Royal pink2, Seand102, Selemon, Sheshelynn, Shlok21020, Skulletor, Slimeplaya, Smiley0089, Squeeky12, Stark528,  stevendee10, Sumir216 (Flame5768),  Superhero123, Supeman379, Thekids1234, Tinkytie, Tobyp999, Tony10151, Towerdefence, tranococo, Ubie01,  Waffle50058,  Wolfman12347, woofpupstar1, xProGamer15x, x xhellox x, Yopmail1, Yoshi725,  Zackie78, Zackcoolstar, zippy569,

Good Job to all and keep working hard 😀

~Dj Dan

8 Responses

  1. Congrats to the few people who were promoted. (and earned it)

  2. Aww! I went to both battles and I still wasn’t promoted! I have been a nacho for over a month and I’m still a Private! Can someone please check this out?

  3. Good job everyone 😀

  4. i will always work hard

  5. I didn’t get one (wary)

  6. Yay!

  7. Sorry I couldnt make it i was being hunted by my former team and they wanted to capture me and also i have been facing difficulties the last couple of days sorry guys partstripes the dragon over and out

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