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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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Mid-May Promotion Day (In early June)!


As you’ve probably noticed, we missed April promos. So, we made it our top priority to never let that happen again, and here is the result. Some of you got two promotions, (members only) and others did not. And no mods, none of you got demoted. We’ve added a new lowest moderator rank known as “Warrant Officer,” located just below “Captain,” which led to everybody being bumped down. However, if you’re smart, you will have realized that the new highest moderator rank is completely blank. Why’s that? When it’s all said and done, we will only have four highest mods, which will be decided through a series of upcoming leadership competitions, a post of which will be released soon. All mods are eligible for this opportunity, but you must comment on the moderator active post HERE.

In other Nacho news, we’ve shifted all primary militaristic operations to  Blizzard. Fjord will henceforth be known as the “Historic capital and memorial server, for all Nachos who have lost their lives in combat.” I believe that it was time for a change; we’ve done so many great things on Fjord, but now it’s time to start again, and do some even greater things in the name of Blizzard. As always, I may have missed you, especially if you were a lower rank. If I did, please feel free to leave a non-threatening comment stating why you believe you should have been promoted.  No demotions took place today.

Bold = Promoted


General: Beeky, Emily (Tamary)

Lieutenant General: Guitar48300, 6789Cool, Pony Eee, Laoise

Major General:  Dj Dan Diaz (San Chivas),  Weazelkid

Brigadier General: 

Colonel:  Camperjohn64, Coff, Lop2009, Mario988, Selena, Pyjamas Jr, Toonlink723,Vonchiefer, Zing

Lieutenant Colonel: Darkman5, Water Guard, Thex

Major: Iconic79,  Flappy112, Justinfortsa, Baseball1043, Cooltj4, Sonic1120, xPins, Redduck

Captain:  Dancer,  Arceus1296, Becca1368, Daniel574, Jamie,  Jimichimi, Pjayo

Warrant Officer Nicjackson,  Progenitor, Redsox209, Crash103, Bacara, Pokeball111, 

Lieutenant: 123r82, Agent80755, Brigade3, Citytune5, Gimpasaurous, Jayden1092, Lilchele11, Lollymolly22, Lootking, Miyls, Penguina964, Pete44661, 1, Stormb27 (Whitey 312), Skyfish, Jacori,  Topaz2D9907, Zoey544, Molbygirl, Yolotron1000, Gustav Holst

Master Sergeant:Bowser1231, Camwoodstock, Gtudsd. Joshtdk, Kad186 (Katty), Pengu T O, Touro48, Nuclearpower, Robecuba, Aqua Summers

Sergeant: Berbatov,Ember12 Semper5010, , Luliy1, Brigade3, Datdudebp, Aidandan, Alatar1, oggy889,Tootal,

Corporal:  Cheedu1,, Ginger2203m2, Mariobros522,RenoKid, Xcheeto, Josh2997, Josh51234,  Paperd, TBoy21, Alex Cone, 127david

Lance Corporal:  Gordon5360,, PiggoPiggo, Seeoa, Smurfette, Travis602, Doriboss, Hydro234, kabc123, Krisbee1Lucylo5, Mariobilly, Mc Penguin 6, Mike72222, Minininja765, Mrcool 125, Mrgreeney2, Nataleealan, One4444 , Patchlop, Petzi5, Pielover515,Pokebanjo, Pug9sophia, Samantha3770,  Roccobo2003

Private First Class:  Ade720, Alex Cone, Bandage23, Bean65432, Big Foot 56, Blair11940, Blueflame300, Bradshaw Kid, Buggins Will, Christain133, Cooldude1a, Cutebunny8d, Daniel1boy, Dragonb45, Dylan92118, Free Dude 15, Goblinguy, Hockey322, Katie93611, Kkabc123, Krisbee1Lucylo5, Mariobilly, Mc Penguin 6, Mike72222, Minininja765, Mrcool 125, Mrgreeney2, Nataleealan, One4444 , Patchlop, Petzi5, Pielover515,Pokebanjo, Pug9sophia, Samantha3770, Sean98625, Seedeer1, Sensi460, Sfgjh, Tape4444,  The Nintendo, Tinny241,  zom12649, tyler nacho,   Roxy20540, Royal pink2, samtwistyplm, Seand102, Selemon,  Sheshelynn, Shlok21020, Skulletor, SkullSparkz.Real, Slimeplaya, Slippy22250 , Smiley0089, Squeeky12, Stark528,  stevendee10, Sumir216 (Flame5768),  Superhero123, Supeman379, Thekids1234, Tinkytie, Tobyp999, Tony10151, Towerdefence, tranococo, Ubie01,  Waffle50058,  Wolfman12347, woofpupstar1, xProGamer15x, x xhellox x, yiannis785,Yopmail1, Yoshi o1, Yoshi725,  Zackie78, Zackcoolstar,Zigi, zippy569, Zommer05, KittenLola05, Jaden53056, Gmantkd

Private: 123k33, Abbas 786, Alisond19, Anakin Sky20,angelogeant, Apik234, Aquaicy100, Armydude2007, Atorm, Avatarinega, Batarang04, Ben1011bh, Blazette F, Bobby4324, Brayton1001, Buggaboos101, Caradepapa, Carey56478, Charchar002, Christiefdes2, Chriswes2011, Chubbyball, Clallister 3, Cleakitty, Cody9403,Coolrock901, Cooly207, Corbinowens1, Corkie123, Daniel1574, Djkj12356, Djlegocity, Dj Pengi 2, Double Up, Dragon5153, earthninja27 , EcoHubert8, Egbert 3487, Finayp198, FireNinjaK T, Flappy 12648, Flappy48113, flipastro, Fluffypaws4, Gabezilla24, Gelatin20, Girlglitter5,, Grantalias, Greg09, Griff125, Goldnoodles1, Handyg04, Harpershine, Hello1kitty0, hotpink340, Isaac13170, Icecoldlando, IcyGlaceon, Indian1, Izulja, Jaden53056, Jaisick, jazzyfae1,  jerypeng2, Joey2874, Josh8710, Katerina Qt, Kesha5589, kishu5, Kittykat1842,  kittywisker8, Kowalski6886,LegionMaxim, Lela 93993, Lillyjess2, Loganisnotme, loki5652,LolieGal, Loliplie, Lollypop1626, Lolman1337, Losta679, Lucia1779, luke14963, lukepoplok, Marlowe77, Mason1045, MaTr1x45, Maui3727, Mich10552, M1ckey M0use, Mingming4145, Minsterlacie,  Mister Nacho, Moohay1,mich10552.,  mudstack89, Mvmgaming, Nachos Fan, Nachozman124, Nickwaddles, Nikisue, Notes Book, Ocean48902, OracleOverload, Orange Jelli, Owllover51, 0Jack1,, papv99, partstripes, peach26943, Pengy Smith1, Pingping4069, Pinkster6181, Pnnfcp, R2d2sally, Rawtomato, Ranchos, Redcorvette6, Reina39627, Richards1776, Rkickeman19,


15 Responses

  1. Thanks for the promotion.

  2. Wtf I wasnt promoted. I only need one more till mod.

  3. Ive been attending events and wasnt promoted… D:

  4. Why didn’t I get promoted. I attended nearly all the events in weeks plus I didn’t get promoted from recent PB

    yours sincearly,

  5. Good job to all of the Nachos that got promotions! Lets have a great summer!

  6. I havn’t been promoted 😦

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