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Nacho Hub: Interview With Thinknoodles

Hello Nachos!

Welcome to Nacho Hub. Nacho Hub is a new segment on the blog that Beeky has authorised me to do in which I give some news and things like that about the Nachos. This is our effort to make sure all of our troops are on the same page. This is the second edition of Nacho Hub.

Thinknoodles sits with the rest of the Nachos talking to us about the Nachos.


It looks like Thinknoodles has joined the Nacho Army and has made the smart decision in what army to join. A few weeks ago, we posted about Polofield viewing the Nachos event on his penguin. It looks like more and more big names in Club Penguin are joining the Nachos. This just goes to show that the Nachos are an army that is making some noise. The Nachos will grow and it is thanks to all the troops. Thinknoodles and Polofield both have seen us on Club Penguin. People are taking notice of us.

I managed to speak to the user behind the Thinknoodles account on NachoHQ.

Theo: What made you want to join the Nachos?

Thinknoodles: They’re the only army that seemed fun to join?

Theo: How did you come to find the Nacho Army?

Thinknoodles: I found them when walking around Fjord.

Theo: As a Nacho Member now, is there anything you would like to see change about the Nachos. If so, what?

Thinknoodles: I would like the leadership to change their attitude.

I would like to thank Thinknoodles for providing us with that interview.

Thinknoodles is logged in!

Notice Board: 

– We are once again in the Top 10 list on Club Penguin Army Central! This week on the Top 10, we beat the legendary RPF. We beat both old RPF and new RPF! We also beat big armies like Pirates, Doritos, UMA and Golds. Good job on remaining on the Top 10 list, lets continue to move up the list to the number 1 spot.

– The Nacho Leader, Tom Wolf is currently a nominee on CPAC for the July 2014 Legend Inductions. It would mean a lot for our history to get our creator in as a legend so please show your respect for him by voting him to be the new Legend.

– Time is running out for you to comment on the Active Count. If you haven’t done it already, comment now so that you don’t get removed from the ranks. 

– After a three hour meeting was held between the leadership, there have been rumours of war flying around. It currently stands as a possibility that the Nacho Army may be going to war soon.


7 Responses

  1. Thinknoodles friend me I am maui3727

  2. It’s not the real think, this was a joke interview Maui 😛

    • No Tober, this was real. The guy who comes as “Thinknoodles” on Club Penguin (seen in the pictures) was interviewed on NachosHQ

      • ”Thinknoodles” is a member for a start, and he has said in multiple videos he will never join a CP Army, the guy who is Think here is a non-member and got the same username by using slightly different letters to make the username. (I’ve already made another Tobercold so don’t go making one :P)

        • So according to you, memberships don’t ever expire? Also have you never changed your mind about joining something?

          Go on chat and I’ll prove that it is the real Thinknoodles.

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