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This Would Have Been A Post Responding to DCP’s Multilogging Claims, But Now, It’s Purpose Is To Show Their Lies, In The Form Of Cheating.

Please note, that due to the vast amount of images in this post, most are in the form of hyperlinks, so be on the look out for them.

I was absolutely exasperated that DCP would accuse us of multilogging during an AUSIA event my initial thoughts were their picture of our chat was simply one snapshot in time, they claimed we only had 8 online on xat at anyone point during the battle, despite there clearly being 9 Nachos there, but that’s more a case of DCP’s idiocy. I was prepared at that point to put forward the argument that because their screenshot was simply one moment of the battle, there of course was an influx in troops at some point, which caused there to be more on CP and Xat after the screenshot was taken, afterall, despite DCP saying we had 12 online, we only maxed 11 throughout the battle; as evident from THEIR pictures. However, watching Danny’s video(pretty important), it is obvious that we did indeed only have 9 people on Xat, and 11 people on CP. I was about to go ape**** with people, I thought maybe someone was multilogging. But…

There is one (or two) strange aspects of the entire battle, which made me again question what was happening. A troop by a name of London12, who was not present at any point on our xat during the event, as evident from both DCP’s pictures, and Danny’s video. However, this troop  was not present on the Nachos’ ranks at all. He is not currently on the ranks, and according to the promotions post from last month, he has never been on the ranks. (notice the revisions; NO ONE has edited that for some time). However, London12 is present on DCP’s Ranks…. This troop, who is on DCP’s ranks was performing Nacho tactics, throughout an entire event (it wasn’t just a case of one accidental mix up, it was through the whole event (HERE HERE and throughout Danny’s video.). Isn’t it a bit strange that an event that DCP accuse us of multilogging, one of their troops just suddenly decides to be a Nacho on Club Penguin? What’s more, if you watch London12, their tactics are fairly delayed for example at around 1;40 in the video, they don’t even say “LOL SPIES”.

The second unknown entity is Peter56, this random person, who from googling “Club Penguin Peter56” doesn’t show up at all, he literally doesn’t exist in CP Armies, oh, except this one event that DCP is accusing us of multilogging at. He is seen performing Nachos tactics HERE HERE HERE. And yet, he doesn’t appear on the ranks either (HERE HERE), and this time DCP weren’t stupid enough to use someone on their own ranks. It’s also worth mentioning that Peter’s uniform looks suspiciously like DCP’s.

These two are the only two “Nachos” at the AUSIA event in question who were not on xat are heavily linked to being Doritos(as evidenced by Danny’s video, and DCP’s picture), London12 is clearly DCP, and there is quite a few links between DCP and Peter56 by the looks of things. Asides from Peter56 and London12, ask us who any of the other Nachos at the event are, and we’ll easily be able to tell you.

It also should be said, if were indeed multilogging, why on earth would we ever use penguins that have NEVER appeared on our ranks. I literally know nothing about multilogging, but I do know there’s very few people stupid enough to use penguins that have never appeared in the army’s ranks to do it.

DCP is absolutely disgraceful, attempting to tarnish one of the most legendary army’s reputation, simply because you are at war with them? It’s ridiculously pathetic, Beeky may have said that “The Nachos do not have fun wars” but that does not take away from the fact that CP Army Wars are supposed to be fun, I honestly can’t believe that anyone would fabricate false allegations such as these. Please, just stop, you’re only kicking your own reputation further into the mud.

~Chrisi Blule

Edit; There’s also the whole fact that you claim this ”Nacho” say that you had ”evidence” of us multilogging , even though Fridigo’s name looks like this  [and this], which I’m sure anyone he knows outside of Nachos can testify to also. It simply proves further that you’re fabricating all this bs.


4 Responses

  1. I think this video would fit. Actually, make a post with this video

  2. Great post 😀 Tsk tsk DCP trying to cheat once again.

  3. Just what i’d expect from cheating trash.

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