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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Weekly Recap [8/03/14 – 8/09/14]

Here is a detailed description of the events we had from August 3rd [Sunday] to August 9th [Saturday]. This is mainly for the use of any news sites that arrange a Top Ten, but you can look through the post if you like, Nachos!


AUSIA Invasion of Misty [Server – Misty] [Bars – 1] [Max – 13]

On Sunday morning, our AUSIA Division logged on to invade the server Misty from the Doritos Empire. We maxed 13, which was pretty good, but our tactics can be worked on.  Other than that, DCP maxed 2 so we won. Either way, it was certainly not a battle to remember.

Legends Cup Battle vs Chaos [Server – Klondike] [Bars – 2] [Max – 40]

When I said that this would need to be the best performance we’ve had all year, you guys obviously didn’t take it lightly. This was literally the best event I’ve been to in a very, very long time. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much a chance to really fight Chaos since their size was low, but we were still able to pull of some spectacular tactics. Everything we’ve practiced over the past few weeks were shown in full-effect here,  and they were all, for the most part, exquisitely executed and candy for the eyes. However, I do remember that when doing the waterfall/rake combination tactic, there were some people who stood rather idle in the piles, which somewhat brought down its effectiveness, though complaining about that is pretty much just nitpicking as this point. In addition, we maxed 40 in the battle room, and had about five or six people locked out – that’s awesome. We haven’t broken 40 in almost four months now, so getting that size really did feel nice. As it stands right now, we’ll be facing DW sometime next weekend. That’s going to be a pretty difficult battle, and we’re going to have to perform even better than we did today if we want to win that one, but I know we can do it. All you have to do is show up and be responsive. That’s all we ask. ~Beeky



AUSIA Defense of Alaska [Server – Klondike] [Bars – 1] [Max – 12]

During our defense of Alaska, we were able to max 12 despite everyone on chat being practically half asleep throughout the battle. Our tactics were pretty good despite us being so tired. Great job Nachos.


US/UK Defense of Rocky Road [Server – Rocky Road] [Bars – 1] [Max – 28]

On Monday, we logged on to Rocky Road to defend an invasion from the Doritos. The battle was confusing to say the least. Both armies were wearing orange at some points, but it still went well. We maxed 28 and averaged 20, not the greatest but everyone did the tactics. The Doritos won’t hear the end of this one.



UK/US Defense of Cabin [Server – Cabin] [Bars – 1] [Max – 30]

On Tuesday, both major Nacho Divisions logged onto Cabin to defend another server from the DoritosThis was a successful event as we managed to max a size of 30 Nachos. This event lasted for 15 minutes, as the Doritos logged off early and admitted defeat. Our tactics and size were good on Club Penguin, considering that this event was an hour earlier than what we usually have scheduled. Thank you to all the troops who attended – if we work together like this for the entire week, I have no doubt in my mind that we will be unstoppable.




UK/US Defense of Blizzard [Server – Klondike] [Bars – 1] [Max – 35]

On Wednesday, the Doritos were surprisingly large, and though they had us by a good five troops or so for most of the battle, they unfortunately fail to realize that sitting in one formation and doing emotes at a moderate pace does not denote a victory. And I’m not exaggerating on this either – we were in the berg for 20 minutes, and they didn’t change formations once. However by now, we should all know that’s DCP’s primary strategy when they have big sizes, so this shouldn’t come off to any of us as unexpected. On the flip side, our tactics were up to a high standard once again, and we completely crushed them with a wide range of bombs and a narrower (yet expanding) range of formations. We maxed 35 in the battle room, and had a chat size of 42 throughout the battle. 



AUSIA Defense [Server – ?] [Bars – 1] [Max – 7]

we logged on got 7, dcp got a lot i think they won but im tired they probobly think we multilogged… they probobly multilogged because they’re dumb heres sum pictures – Darkman

aus 5


US/UK Defense of Powderball [Server – Powderball] [Bars – 1] [Max – 8]

On Friday, we had a great event maxing 8 averaging 4 (We had 50+ in the forts that all disappeared before 7:00 tho which is sad. Our tactics we superior and we totally crushed DCP!!!1!1!

DCP win 1




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