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Finally 3ic || About Me||

I recently have been promoted to 3ic by Beeky, completely out of the blue, and what I thought at the time was basically that it was just a joke, but no it was real! But to be honest I really don’t think I deserve it JUST for being active, I feel like owner ranks should be earned by learning how to lead and being right for the job, but I guess this is JUST Club Penguin to some other people. 

All of the lines are there for the months

Personal Info I haven’t really told anyone:

I know this is what most retirement posts look like but I wasn’t really sure how I was going to explain what happened in the past without it looking like one.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I’ve just became 3ic, just incase people are unsure about it. Most people on Xat chats don’t talk to me, because I seem to shy to engage in conversation towards people, so most of the time I feel unnoticed and taken for granted unlike all of the other people on Nacho chat that can start conversations and chat.The point of xat is chatting, but I never really chat to anyone, and when I do it really isn’t a long conversation at all, and I even feel shy to ask how the person is. What I think I do to make up for this is try and make humour and sarcasm on the chat that atleast trys to make other people laugh, but I also don’t want to hurt their feelings so I just say “jk” when ever making fun of someone. I wouldn’t ever pick on someone on Nacho Chat or any chat because that is just bullying and it’s not funny.


What Happened In 2013/2014

In 2013 March, I got introduced into a school that had iPads for free, but we have to pay about fifty pounds to actually take them home, as we could only use them in school. But when I finally got my one in April, I didn’t know there were flash apps, and mum wouldn’t let me on the computer because she though it was the “same thing”,  and I didn’t want to tell my mum about it, so I couldn’t go on Nachos until now, and and the time I got bored of CP and thought it was for “babies”, even though anyone can play it and have fun, no matter their age.

In 2014 September, I jailbroke my iPad, and that allowed me to buy all the flash apps I wanted at the time, when I finally got onto Nacho Chat in October 13th, I got introduced to a guy called Oggy889 which I explained briefly about all of this to him, and he just asked me “Why don’t you join the Nachos again?”, and then I was like “You’re right” and then I joined back about 5 hours later, got to be a Sergeant, which is about 5 ranks from mod.

On the 27th I got promoted to a mod by Shivertoe2, who was a 2ic, for being “very loyal and active”, he also said that 1000 noob troops would not be as good as a loyal troop, I’m pretty much just paraphrasing on that one though. Then a few weeks later, I get a PC from Beeky, telling me I’m gonna be 3ic! I got so excited it felt like I was opening a Christmas present!

Of course I didn’t think it was legit at first, but it was real!


But anyways, in this post, I will be explaining briefly about all the times I have spent in the Nachos and what the experience has been like.

 When I joined: (DO NOT READ IF NOT INTERESTED) What happened in: 2011/2012


 I really have no idea when I joined, but these are the oldest comments I have made on the site. 

In 2011 September(ROUGHLY) I joined the Nachos as a Private First Class as a member, and what I liked about Nachos was the freedom of speech, swearing was allowed, but I think I know why people get annoyed about swearing. It’s because there are younger children on Club Penguin Army chats that shouldn’t learn swearing, but us older kids (14-17), we know how to swear a lot, probably even less on chat than in real life, but at the time I was 12 and swearing wasn’t new to me, but it was new enough.

The Build-up to becoming Mod/Owner, and all the friends I had

After nearly a month (Sep 29), I got promoted two ranks up to a Corporal, which I thought was pretty decent as I do think I..

…worked hard that month.

In October(ROUGHLY) , I think I started talking to Harry Joe about how much I liked Metal Gear Solid, and about how we both really like the 3rd one the best.Just about every time we were on Nacho Chat, we would either talk about Cp or MGS, and other games also, and then Chrisi Blule started talking to me about it also, whenever I came on and that’s what made me have fun on Nacho Chat. At the end of October I got promoted to Staff Sergeant, which really cheered me up. https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/promotions-for-october-dont-publish-not-finished/#more-20673

At the end of November, I got promoted to First Sergeant, which only left me 4 ranks from mod! 😀 Chrisi also became 1ic!

This just seems like a normal promotion, but the next promotion is the MOST SUPER EPIC PROMOTION EVER!

At the end of December I get promoted 5 ranks up to middle mod! It just seemed like a massive Christmas Present! (literally)———————————————————————————————————————————————————————


At the end of January there were no promotions for mods and owners to keep the ranks balanced, I was slightly disappointed but this only made me more excited for the next month to come!



In February, I got promoted to TOP MOD! I was so happy, that I completely forgot about not getting one the last month! 


In March, there were no promotions, but a new post made by Harry Joe really caught my eye, and made me think: 


In April, I get promoted+ rewarded Student Of The Week by Harry Joe! It also says I can be “demoted anytime”, but the thing is I won’t because I’ll be on chat, and also be active and go to events!



In May, I stay the same rank, there are less mod ranks now and Harry also luckily got 3ic!




In June I stay the same but I find a pretty cool

post made by Dash, and I think I joined Dj Dan’s Army and become owner and editor of the site!


This seems like good advice for events. Even though Dash made this post in 2012, it still happens in 2014.


In August, there were no promotions but, there was a guy called Wilson 500 on the chat, who seems pretty nice that had

recently just turned 3ic!


In September, it has been a year in the Nachos,which is pretty awesome, but I think I may have got demoted, or there were just too many Brigadier Generals…

…doesn’t really matter to me as long as I can get promoted more!


In October, there were no promotions but Wilson held a fancy dress party for Halloween!

There were no promotions or good posts in November, so I’m skipping to December

It looks like I got promoted to Brigadier General again!



In January, I got COMPLETELY REMOVED from the ranks, I really don’t know why I got removed…….

But hey at least we had a good time right?


 photo nomorehornyhour.gif

7 Responses

  1. You forget to shade out your IP

  2. You have no idea how pleased I am that you are now 3ic, I’m especially pleased since you’re one of my golden troops ;D, keep up the good work

  3. Congrats man! Keep making your way up 😉

  4. Congrats GreenDai! You definitely deserve 3ic even though you recently joined. No need to prove your loyalty again if you did it in the past. Btw I got removed from the Nacho ranks just like you, out of the blue at around the same time.

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