Who Will Win? #2

Hey nachos Pool Pool (Jimichimi) here with the next “Who Will Win?” post!


American Football:

What a set of matches! The Seattle vs. Green Bay game couldn’t have been crazier in my opinion. Green Bay probably should’ve come home with the win but things happen.

Final Score

Green Bay- 22 Seattle 28 OT

As for the Patriots vs. Colts game that one got boring after the first 15 minutes 😛 Looks like the Patriots will be playing off against the Seahawks on February 1st for the long awaited match, the Super Bowl!

Final Score

Indianapolis- 7 New England- 45


English Football:

This game was something that I think a lot of us didn’t see coming! Arsenal was able to come away with a big win defeating the currently ranked number 2 team. Just 1 point away from Manchester United that was the kind of win Arsenal needed

Final Score

Arsena-2 Manchester City- 0


Now onto this weeks guessing 😀



Kings vs. Sharks

Because the Super Bowl isn’t this week I though that for the Americans we could try hockey. Please forgive me I don’t follow hockey to much but to me it seems that the LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks would be a fun game to watch. Like last week feel free to put a comment on who you think will win and adding the score is encouraged 🙂

English Football

Chelsea vs. Manchester City

This seems to me like it will be a great match. After the loss to Arsenal, Manchester City is going to need to step up their game if they want to be Chelsea, the current leader. As for Chelsea, Manchester City has the skill to rise up quickly if they aren’t careful. Leave a comment below on who you think will win and don’t forget the adding the score is encouraged 🙂


Pool Pool (Jimichimi)

2 Responses

  1. I think Chelsea~1 Manchester City~0. So Chelsea will win 🙂

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