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Introducing our News Hub, NANCY!

Hola Nachos!

So I was looking at other CP army websites, and I noticed that most of them have a CP cheats news hub. I decided that the Nachos needed a news site, to make us look more appealing. So, introducing NANCY!


By the way, thanks Dj Dan for teaching me how to use photoshop.

So you may be wondering, “What does NANCY stand for?” Well the answer to that is…






NANCY will be used to report on CP events, and to give us a week in review post!

Have any Questions? Leave them in the comments!


Viva Los Nachos!


Fluffy 9404

Nacho Army 2ic


9 Responses

  1. yo, can I be part of dis nancy group.
    your beloved follower,

    • Sure! Whenever CP does a party or a new pin or whatever, make a post about it! xoxoxo

  2. I want to be a part nancy.I promise that I will be active.

    • You can be a reporter! You can go on CP and report back to me about it! I’ll tell Zekrom to make a post on it! Thanks!

      • Fluffy I have a video in which we can add all mascots for eg gary rookie etc.zek can post that video.Thanks

  3. Can I join NANCY? It has my name in it nan>>CY <<>> CY <<< 😉 I won't be active this month though

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