Declaration Of War On the Army Of Club Penguin

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USA Force Defense of Shiver

Server: Shiver


12:30am UK

7:30pm EST

6:30pm CST

5:30pm MST

4:30pm PST

Declaration of War on the Army of Club Penguin

Today, we are declaring war on the Army of Club Penguin. Why? Because we have given them multiple chances and warnings about changing their leadership nicely as allies, even with threats, and we’re funnily enough, we’re sick of their incoherence and unwillingness to change, and also their willingly testing us to the limit about us declaring war.

Currently, ACP has only one leader backing them up, Ahmed, who is not willing to change for anyone or anything if it somehow jeopardizes his current leadership status. We have warned Ahmed that if he did not make Bam leader in under 24 hours, then we would declare war, and he just brushed it off like war was worth risking in their current state. Ahmed is a threat to the Nachos and his own army’s sovereignty, as well as the reason ACP are unable to defend themselves without help.Today, we fight against the Army of Club Penguin and their evil power-hungry leaders once again standing up for what’s right! War should not be taken as lightly as ACP takes it, and if they choose for it to be this way, so be it. They could have easilly enough avoided the conflict, but no they had to test us to the limit, as well as not taking us seriously.

This is what we stand for; we stand for honour, glory and being taken seriously for once, and not being called that “one army who hasn’t really been relevent since since December”. We will rise once again from the ground up, obliterating everything and everyone that chooses to cross us! This is who we are.

Glory to the Nacho Empire!


14 Responses

  1. All Hail Nachonnia!
    Death to the ACP

  2. I can come at all UK events. GO NACHOS

  3. Very disappointed in them. It’s a shame that they’re an actual army and acting like this. I respect every army, but this is unacceptable.

  4. Hmm ok. My laptop got broken and it’s going to get fixed in some days, maybe weeks. So you won’t see me these days. Sorry.

  5. I can make everything expect the recruitng session. I am REALLY sorry that i haven’t been on lately, my computer was broken but its fixed now! yay! I may be active again. If i missed something really big please pc me about it o:

  6. def coming?

  7. All Hail Nachonnia!

    The ACP will regret the day they ever crossed the Nachos. They have not got a clue what’s coming their way…

  8. I’ll make it to all of them!

  9. Ill be at Friday

  10. I’ll be at all! 😉

  11. I might be able to make Defense Of Blizzard, but I can be here Sunday for all events.

  12. Heil Nachonnia!

  13. […] Nachos have declared war, we will boost our recruitment and hopefully end the Nachos and stop them from invading/raiding us – All recruiters RECRUIT @ahmed7569 […]

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