The Rise

Edd’s Retirement and

The Power to Never Give Up

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Today marks the date of a new era for Nachos, and that should mean something to all of us. Edd64 may be leaving us, but now have a new leadership, which consists of Camperjohn64, Green Dai and Talex831, and we will form into something new after he’s gone; we wouldn’t want to see let him down after all, if we did, we would only be letting ourselves down in the end and even if we’re doing bad at a certain time, we would always rise up again, no matter what, and that’s what I love about Nachos compared to other armies, there are always those troops in Nachos who would never let the army die no matter how much time it took for them.

Including me, I would never let this army die even if it took all day and night constantly being harassed on chat about not doing enough for Nachos and being insulted regularly about it. None of that would never stop me loving Nachos as an army, no matter how much I get it, and that’s what makes me a leader, I’m proud to stand up for Nachos, and never afraid to keep moving when times are tough! I may not be good at wording things so everything sounds good, but this post is to spread a positive message across to Nachos everywhere. As much as we think about the “now”, the long term is where our glory should truly stand tall while the “now” should be us moving forward and trying to find our true destiny.

The only way we will really get anywhere is if we have the power to forgive and forget about the past and keep moving on, and if we do that, we won’t have to keep worrying about everything that comes our way, because this is only the beginning of our long and hard journey to sweet victory.

The storm may strike fear upon us soon, but we’ll never give in and be hesitant about it when it comes. Even at our lowest 2 months ago we still managed to survive and we were maxing 2 each event, while the careless leaders withstood their position without doing anything about it at all, as well as the coup d’etat of Shivertoe2 and Camperjohn64 in January which was almost the downfall of us all. I thought we’d die, but as long as there’s hope, there’s a future for us and it’s staring us right in the face and all we have to do is grab it while we have the chance. Now we get 15+ on bad days, and that shows you how much we can truly survive if we just keep moving.

When I joined the Nachos I had more fun than I could ever imagine, and I still do to this day because the Nachos are a special army, we like to take things less seriously unlike other armies that enforce really unnecessary rules that may drag away troops. While we still like to take things less seriously, our courage is astounding when it comes to going for broke without ever looking back. This is what make us Nachos, we’ll destroy any army that tries to double cross us, and no matter what, we’ll and take what is ours rightfully without taking any demands from anybody!

All Hail The Nacho Empire!



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  1. Where is Pukley? I had been searching for him.

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