Spring Smackdown 2015 Round III/Semi-Finals Times

>>>>> THIS SUNDAY <<<<<



Sunday, May 31st

>>>Nacho Army vs RPF<<<

➡ Server: Klondike

➡ Time:

➡ 8:00 PM UK

➡ 3:00 PM EST

➡ 2:00 PM CST

➡ 1:00 PM MST

➡ 12:00 PM PST



[Make sure to vote on the poll above so we know if you’re coming or not! :D]


Welcome to the semi-finals of the Spring Smackdown Tournament, Nachos. This battle will determine if we’ll be able to even get to the finals vs either the Light Troops or the Ice Warriors, and if we don’t win this important battle, the chance of our rise and glorious road to victory will be gone forever(a good while), and either RPF, LT or IW(depends who wins) will have all the glory and undeserved victory :o.

So bring your family and friends along with you to this epic battle, and strap yourselves in because we’re gonna be going on a hell of a ride to victory! We can not possibly lose to RPF, they may be strong but they’ll never be as strong as us if we try!

-Green Dai, Nacho 2ic

4 Responses

  1. Also make sure to comment! 😀

    • lol yeah, forgot. I will be there but not entirely sure. I’ll try my best. RPF is going down isn’t it? We can totally win this Nachos. Let’s head for the Finals! VIVA LOS NACHOS

  2. Reblogged this on Nacho Army of Club Penguin Tournament News and commented:
    The semi finals. We made it here. But that’s not enough. We shall crush RPF and battle for the title! 😀 Tell everyone to come. Recruit. Do anything possible if you care for this army! Let’s do this.

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