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Defense of Fjord Results[INVALID][Nacho Victory]

>> Comment if you came! <<





Hola Nachos! Green here.


How We Did:

Our Max: 21

Average: 18-19


Summary of the Event(from memory):

Today we logged onto Fjord for our second “defense” of the day against the DCP, who has once again tried to invade us without a proper 24 hour notice from any Nacho Leader, which results in DCP not getting any servers. (It’s not like they were going to anyway.) No leaders were at the event, so I couldn’t get pics as I had to lead in their place, so I only managed to get 2 whole pictures of this event from asking other people to give me some of theirs, so most of what I’m about to describe won’t be shown in the pics. (Most of it will be from memory so don’t expect much :/)

Anyway, we started off at the town with a D-Line, then followed with a couple of standard word and emote tactics, as always.Then after that, we then J-Bombed the town like a boss for a few minutes, then we got into another D-line at the opposite side of the town also just as nicely. We then just did some regular old emote tactics for 5 minutes. After that, we E+5 bombed the town and swiftly got into a plus formation. We then proceeded to do some more emote and word tactics for about 10 more minutes before gloriously logging off with a B-Bomb while claiming our victory.


Pictures of the Event


Comment if you came to this awesome event! Also make sure to check out the rest of the upcoming events this week by clicking here!

-Green Dai, Nacho 2ic

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