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Maybe…Just MAYBE… DCP multilogs


Nachos, Club Penguin Army Central, The Army Community, DCP haters, DCP themselves, and whoever else is taking their valuable time to read this,

My good friend Agent233 and I took some time on DCP’s pathetic raid of Fjord to see how many potential multilogs we could find.

Now, this is a presentation on the strong suggestion of DCP multilogging. Don’t you think it’s “weird” that many of their penguins are wearing easy and free items AND that they have 0-2 stamps? This has been presented 50x before, and CPAC won’t do jackshit about DCP blatantly cheating.

Lets take a look at some of the penguins at their crappy raid of Fjord!

A default CP background and a penguin wearing NOTHING. AND Bowser Jr205 is NOT on the ranks. Suspicious right?

This may just be a penguin rogue who registered yesterday attending event. But lets look at another penguin.

SAME EXACT DEAL. Funny right? Still may just be a coincidence. Lets look at third penguin.

Three?!?!? Wow! Maybe they do multi log? Lets try one more!

Now Gugu Pengu had “2” stamps.

Same deal of course.

So that’s what, 5 penguins that are newly made, have no more than 2 stamps, are wearing non rare, easily accessible clothing, AND aren’t on DCP’s ranks?

Yes. You’ve seen it yourself.

Now in the comments or wherever this post ends up, DCP is gonna make up some bullshit excuse on how these penguins weren’t multilogs. Who knows, maybe they’ll be the bigger guys and admit it.

So just remember, whatever DCP over exaggerates they got on club penguin, subtract 6 penguins from that number. There were probably more penguins myself and Agent were not able to catch but oh well. Maybe CPAC will do jackshit about this. Or maybe they won’t and things will just continue the way they are.

This isn’t at all FULL “proof” of multilogging. It’s just a strong suggestion that it’s happening, A LOT.

Angry and pissed off

Yours truly,


4 Responses

  1. ooo burned

  2. DCP is an army full of Mustas multi logs. They didn’t even defend their Capital because all of the Penguins were multilogs. Lmfao

  3. Kevin, when did that battle take place? Once you found that out, go on the join comment and when was the last join comment? Now search for their names on the join comment if its not there before that battle and the recent join comment happened like a day ago and that event happened like 2 days ago, it’s a multi log. Use this for even more proof 🙂

  4. Haven’t DCP been caught before?

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