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Consistency is the Key to Greatness

Hello Nachos,

I come to you today to tell you guys exactly what the title says and means. Discipline is key. Discipline leads to consistency, consistency leads to success, success leads to greatness. No one should ever be okay with being mediocre. We have goals as an army to set out and conquer, so we will fulfil them. It all begins with the heart of the army, the troops, without you guys, there is no army. You are as glorified for great things as the leaders are, just in different ways. We have a great group of leaders in this army, and we should pay homage to them by doing our absolute best. There are 3 components to being a successful army.

1. Hard Work

Without hard work, the army is insufficient in discipline. Without discipline it is easy to be beat and ridiculed by other armies who should not be doing so. Hard work defines the army and is key to its stability.

2. Recruiting 

Recruiting is mandatory now a days. And, without it, you do not stand much of a chance in this community. It is an army eat army type of community, especially with the summer coming into play, things are getting much more competitive. Recruiting brings in new troops and helps us grow as an army. We must stand on our toes and be ready for what is to come. Which brings me to the next and final topic.

3. Consistency/Stability

Consistency and stability are also key to being a successful army, especially in the golden hours of the CP Army Community(summer time). With being stabilized, we can take the big hits and keep on fighting, and keep hitting back and harder.

That’s all for now guys, Viva Los Nachos!


6 Responses

  1. Great post, Vinny.

  2. Nice post boi

  3. Great post!

    Follow and do these things, Nachos, and we’ll be golden! Let’s keep up the good work and keep on getting stronger!

  4. Has a good ring to it!

  5. No point in commenting my agreement since it is pretty much set in stone.

  6. (Y)

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