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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
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How to Earn a Promotion

Hola Nachos,

Promotions are a coveted goal of many soldiers in the Nachos. Promotions are what allows you to excel through the ranks and discover more about the Nacho army. For those of you who don’t understand what promotions are, allow me to explain.

Usually at least once a month, a post is released with an updated ranks page. The leaders themselves edit the ranks and create this post. Some soldiers are promoted for doing well, while others are demoted for not earning their rank. While everyone starts out at the very bottom as a private, they all have an equal opportunity to rise through the ranks. Usually if you have done well, you will only get moved up a rank at a time, however, on occasion some people will be promoted several ranks for going above and beyond. Sometimes a ranks update is released and many soldiers received no change. This doesn’t mean they did anything wrong, rather that the rank above them is filled.

It gets more complicated as you progress, especially when you start to work on earning the moderator and the exclusive owner position, but you will learn all about that as your career in the Nachos continues. Now let’s go into how to earn a promotion.

Before I begin, let me make it clear that promotions are not essential for participating in the Nachos. If you wish to excel through the ranks then please strive to be the best soldier you can be, but if you would rather just have some fun in the army then by all means have fun! 

  1. Recruit! Recruiting is what helps our army grow and become more powerful. This tip is number one for a reason. If have any method for bringing soldiers in, use them. Ask a buddy on Club Penguin and instruct them on how to join, or maybe another someone you know in real life who also plays Club Penguin. If you would like to try autotyping [the recruiting method used by owners and leaders] then please talk to an owner before deciding to learn for yourself as there are risks of being banned from Club Penguin!
  2. Attend as many events and battles as possible. Nobody can attend all of them, but if you have the opportunity, we highly recommend coming to our chat room and logging on for our army. Remember, the more the better!
  3. Do your best at every event. Try not to take a long time to log on or skip tactics. Listen to the orders and execute them as best as you can. :mrgreen:
  4. Come on the chat often. Most higher ranking soldiers come daily, many for multiple hours a day. While not everyone has the time to do that, (don’t sacrifice important daily events to come on chat) trying to come on for at least a little while a day is important. Of course you have to be at the chat for battles and events, but even coming on just to talk and hang out shows you care about the army.
  5. Comment on as many Nacho posts as you can. You will need an email or you can register for a WordPress account, but commenting on the many updates at our website helps not only shows you are active and determined, but also helps the leader recognize you at events and when they are going through the ranks. Maybe even comment on this post… 😉 It is highly advised that you comment on all event schedule posts and tell the leaders whether you can or cannot attend. 
  6. Be respectful of the Nacho rules. Try not to break any rules on our website or chat page. If you are unsure of the rules, check out our rules for the chat room at https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/chat/.
  7. Help new soldiers out. We’ve all been one of the new guys and things can get really confusing at times. If you see someone struggling to join the army or confused on how it works, help them out. Showing this page to them is also very helpful: https://nachoarmy.wordpress.com/beginners-guide/
  8. Don’t join multiple armies. It will become tempting. Sometimes desperate leaders will even private chat you on our own chat box trying to persuade you to join their army. Do not listen to them as they are trying to steal you from the Nachos. Loyalty is a key trait to carry throughout your career in the Nachos and will help you get promoted faster.
  9. Support your army at all times. If you see someone talking bad about our soldiers, stand up for them! Show your Nacho pride. 😛
  10. Patrol our servers. Thousands of Nacho soldiers have fought hard to secure our empire. If you see any enemy armies raiding or wandering out any of our servers, alert a leader and be ready for battle. A list of all our land can be found here.
  11. Be positive. Every army has its great days, which we will surely have plenty of, but every army loses sometimes. Don’t hang our head. Focus on what needs to be done to improve and get to work.
  12. Lastly, use your strengths to your advantage. Everybody has their talents and weaknesses, know what you are good at and do whatever you can to benefit this army. Maybe you innovate new ideas or practices for our army to work with, or perhaps you are a great recruiter and bring in a surplus of new soldiers. Whatever it is, the leaders will recognize and appreciate it and the results will show.

There is always more you can do and most promotions come with experience and patience. Remember, promotions aren’t everything. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy our battles, but they do make things more interesting. Hopefully this post informed some of less experienced soldiers. If you have any questions, ask me [Burr] on the Nacho chat at any time! Adios amigos!


5 Responses

  1. lol I do all of those listed XD . btw for #5, https://nachoarmy.net/2014/05/02/the-nacho-commenting-competition/ please do something like that, it will help with the lack of the troops on visiting the site daily and reading ALL the posts 🙂 .

  2. Do these things, Nachos, and you’ll definitely receive a promotion each month and likely be a Nacho leader one day!

    Most importantly, attend the events you can, but always have fun 😀

  3. Very useful information, Burr!

  4. u said comment on this page so i did :p

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