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***New Soldiers Should Read this*** How to get the uniform!

Hello, Nachos!

It’s come to my attention we’ve gotten lucky in the fact club penguin has given us some good items to create a modern Nacho identity, a uniform. This post should guide you through it, and any further questions should be directed to the comment section below. Thanks :mrgreen:


  • Head Item: Red Mexican Sombrero
  • Face Item:  Red Sunglasses (Available at the Mall!)
  • Neck Item: Supply Bag (Available at the Mall!)
  • Body Item: Red Hockey Jersey (Available in the Sports catalog!)
  • Hand Item: Quiver and Bow (Available in the Gift Shop catalog!)
  • Puffle: Any color! (red or orange preferred!)
  • Feet Item: Cowboy Boots (available in the Gift Shop catalog!)
  • Color: Red or Orange

Starting with the head item:

This item is relatively new and most players who made their accounts before 2013 most likely have this item. Those who DO NOT have it can get it by following these instructions.

If you WANT the Red Mexican sombrero, You MUST use this AT YOUR OWN RISK! I repeat, AT YOUR OWN RISK. The easiest way to get this item is an item adder.


Now to the Face Item:

The Red Sunglasses are currently an available item! You can obtain these EASILY by stepping foot into the mall! All you have to do is browse the costume trunk!

To the neck! 

The supply back ironically is also available at the mall, in the costume trunk! How convenient right? Browse through the costume trunk until you find the “supply bag”.

The Body 😀 

One of Club Penguins more popular winter sports items, the Red hockey jersey! This can be found at the stadium in the sports catalog!  Make sure you get it soon, summer is almost upon us and I’m sure Club Penguin is going to release new items soon.

Now, your snowball rifle (Guitar)

The Red electric guitar can be found in the instrument catalog at the lighthouse! This will be here for awhile hopefully.

Finally, the feet!

The boots are the most challenging item to obtain because it requires brain capacity! It’s one of the items that requires you to click on something to make it appear.

The cowboy boots can be found in the gift shop!

Here, take a cookie. You found the “secret item”.

That now concludes the uniform tutorial, I hope this helped! 


7 Responses

  1. Yay, I got a cookieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


  3. ok mom, whatever you say

  4. This uniform is great; everyone should try to wear something like it if they don’t have one of the traditional uniforms!

  5. what if you don’t have a membership

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