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Victory on 3 servers!

Well, Hey Nachos

B Batman3 here

Today we invaded four different servers. We took Tuxedo, Blizzard and Yeti. There was no RPF resistance. RPF being the wusses they are didn’t even want to fight. They could have probably beat us too. Bottom line Nachos, we have balls, they don’t. We refuse to recognize their stupid server map so that makes our land free? Look RPF, I don’t care about a map. I care about the fact I took your servers. Your map isn’t the law. CPAC isn’t the law. There is no law. You just lost four valuable servers INCLUDING your damn capital. When I led RPF, we might have been small, but we always put up a fight. The Nacho SS units took White House.

Good luck on Fjord, You’ll need it RPF.

Pictures below -.-  (Not a lot of pics, we tried to make this quick and easy, which it turned out to be :P)


Blizzard (it was full so we took Klondike):


Good day today boys (and girls). Too bad RPF couldn’t show up. Whether they think it’s valid or not, I thought RPF would at least defend for fun. Not even that.

Oh well. 

Regular events will assume this week. 


****Nacho leader****

2 Responses

  1. RPF, this is a MAJOR fail.

  2. Made it

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