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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Update: The link is working again. Viva Los Nachos

What’s up Nachos,

I (B Batman3, the former Nacho Leader Guy) am writing to former Nachos, former Nacho sympathizers who thought we were badass, and anybody else who comes upon this post!

For some time now Club Penguin (and the Nacho Army) has been dead. When the original game went down, most of the armies apart of that original game went down with it (except RPF, they’re fucking gay). Originally, the plan was for the Nacho xat to continue thriving with it’s take no prisoners-don’t give a fuck about anything-you can get away with murder attitude. Things don’t usually go as planned, and after a major disagreement with two different factions of Nacho vets, the xat chat went caput.

With most of the people who frequented the Nacho xat unhappy with the current post Club Penguin establishment, we made the jump to discord (along with the rest of the remnants of the community).

***Note, xat was solely populated by cp army ppl and it’s literally like 5 ppl on a pokemon chat now***

In our jump to discord, many were left behind. We have a selective, active discord geared for the older, Nacho-UMA-anybody edgy who we like crowd called TGHFAG . 

Due to the selectivity of TGHFAG, I understand why many former Nachos (specifically the newer generation of Nachos from 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017) wouldn’t stick around. Most other armies have attempted (and mostly failed) to make a community discord based around their old army.

Seeing some of the comments on the site, Fluffy9404 (brief Nacho Leader guy, former 2ic) and I have decided to make a discord solely for Nachos and anyone else who feels like joining. The discord is controlled in full by Fluffy and I.

The discord will embody the culture of the Nacho chat. Basically what I mean by that is it’s a complete free for all. Talk about whatever you want, do whatever you want, I don’t care.

*************Here’s the invite link*************



If there’s any issues with the link, you can always contact me or Fluffy on discord for a valid invite. My discord name is ‘kev#7982’ and Fluffy’s discord name is ‘fuffee#1768’

In other news, I will be attempting to update the Nacho website. Since we have a good number of Nacho Hall of Famers, Nacho SHOULD be Hall of Famers, and other Nacho vets around, I will be working on finishing the Hall of Fame, filling in the gaps of the history page, and trying to secure a buttfuck of pictures (to the best of my ability) so this can be a nicer memorial site than it already is.
Also, if there’s some way (there probly isn’t), I’m going to try to actually fill in the archives of the Nachos which are missing. But, it’s probly impossible.
I’d also like to applaud Person1233 for continuing to pay for the Nacho Domain.
Well, I guess that’s it. There’s nothing else to really post on.
Hanging up my sombrero again,
***The Nacho Leader Guy***

The Retirement of Fluffy9404


For those who don’t know me, my name’s Fluffy 9404. I wasn’t planning on making this post anytime soon, but as you all know, Club Penguin is shutting down. I decided my retirement post would be best used as a way to tell my story. I’ll try to be brief.

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Invasion of Iceland [RESULTS]

Hey Nachos! We had an amazing event today, we had 43 on chat, but sadly not everyone decided to come. Everyone needs to log and attend the events in future, but apart from that it was fantastic!

Max: 30 || Average: 28

Read on for more pictures and comment if you attended!

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The Re-Establishment of The Nachonnian Empire

Today marked a great day in the history of this army. ( ( ( he ) ) ) was fired and Cowboydan returned to take his rightful place as Commander of Nachos. Many of you may be unsettled by this because you feel a sense of uncertainty about the future of this army, but I’m here to reassure you, we will be just fine. We will be bringing in new measures in order to make this army better, and continue our quest for greatness! Continue reading



Over these past few months, the Nacho Army has had it’s troubles. After I made Snickers/Lego leader in August 2016, I told Snickers/Lego under every condition to not give  the rank of leader. Unfortunately, Snickers gave ( ( ( him) ) ) leader and that was the demise of him and Lego. Steve was inaugurated as leader following the coup, and sometime later Conno/Hazie were made leaders. The army continued under this leadership for months, and it’s received lots of opposition. The Army has maintained a consistent 15+, but other things shadowed the army which have harmed our reputation.

From this point forward, Longway1 is hereby demoted to 3ic and Dan101 will be inaugurated as the new leader.

Personally, dumbass, you’ve pissed me off quite a bit. But I salute you mentally for your dedication to the Nacho Army and everything you’ve done for it. You’ve been faced with tough decisions, and you handled them in the best way that you could. I would really like to see you stay as a 3ic and maybe even eventually one day earn back the title of leader. After receiving constant pressure from people within the army, this had to be done though.


dumbass is to be treated no different than any other owner, and will receive all benefits of a former leader if he chooses to leave the army.  will be remembered as a former leader, and fully possesses the ability to earn back his position, but by means of fair play rather than a coup. Conno11 will remain a leader alongside Dan101, and the rest of the ownership will not be altered for the time being.

The war with RPF will continue, and they will receive their fifth ass beating fiesta from the Nacho Army.

Hopefully we can continue to function as a group, and hopefully we can all strive to achieve our common goal,

What’s best for the Nacho Army.

I hope this message receives you well, and I really hope can continue to serve the army with the same passion and loyalty as he did before.

Please have a very Merry Christmas Nachos, and please show RPF no mercy.



I’m Quitting

Nachoz and Nachos.

As of today I’m needed Somewhere else. However, I will still vist this chat often.

N__ ________g  ____ B____  O___ M___.

This is a post that I didn’t want to make.  Goodbye & Sorry Guys.

-95 $p1der

Promotions March 2015[Comment if I missed you]

Well guys, these promotions are very well deserved. I’m glad to say a lot of people were promoted. If I missed you, comment below, otherwise congrats to everyone who was promoted!

Blue= Promoted 🙂

Red= Demoted 😦

Purple= Double Promoted 😀

Pink= Eligible for promotion when spot opens up 😉



 General of the Army » Cowboydan101[Akabob223], Stone523, B Batman3

 General » Legofan Cy, Agent233, Bubbagum620, Green Dai

 Lieutenant General » Celtic Daft,  Hazie65673, 95 Spider, Conno11, Jt812elite

 Brigadier General » Tootal/Zekrom, Beauty74642[Wh44](Temp/OnLeave), Dj Dan, Emily[Tamary], Guitar 48300, Rakejen, Camperjohn64, Dominus

 Colonel » , Pickletree93, Poseidon112,

 Major »  Redeagle571, Centaur17*, Snowwhite955, 

 Captain » Katniss33335, Hatsun*, Jammi Dodger,  Saltinee123, Savage Paw/Terarria Fan,

 1st Lieutenant » Clyde[N05hoc]*  Sonic*, Casillas2159, Apple6683, Dez[Nachokid5499]

 2nd Lieutenant » Impetuous99*, , General Rek*, Sava346*, Cmpunk435*, Dawix3,  , Storm[Whitey]*, Im Sweet 983

 Master Sergeant » L7872, Libra29emy, Richboytae, Royalsfan16, Snapezzzz*, Epickitty271

 Sergeant » Marceline, Wolverine411*, RockhopperT50, Booboo33233,

 Corporal » Drpighd*,  , Samie2018, Deviousdev1*, Emz 78940*, James50*, Kaylanoel*, Penguin Up45*, Coolguy11502*, The N3rd, Xmastreee, Jake96707, Iemkv3rm, Jaden53056, Lionheart166, Yehaw, Redstone1228, Prentah, Squeakerdmb, , Blueysib6,  

 Lance Corporal » FestusandLeo*, Vladhtc*, Ninja Kai 10, Andreipingu1*,   Agent80755*, 365 Palms*, Lionlover115, Sparkleman44, Syncrology,Nomnomnom15, Pepe4358, Noah24268, Shotstack1,  mujahidbest, Dalekkit, CPRockes10, Bob8019, Barnieie, Hodjes, Yellowpen3, Hellowkitty, Pakusch112, Bosss3*, Ownagebird, Victoriaemmy,  Kittygal88

 Private First Class » Booa1, Comontoe, Cobba, Flipper516, Footprint151, Bobby54202*, Pinkydo8, Ur2frosty, Yakko13, Bellacheer5, Onyxblaze16*, Mindfreak49, Fire Ball 15, Sammiesandy, Luigicaleb, Mom720, Pirateguy123, Thumb922, Negorkkk*, Fluffy3672, Owenowen135, Joeymnbvcxza, Baconcat1, Zep Zef P, Ditto131, Bosss3*, Plee*, Ihascupqake4*, Quicksanders*, Bobertnacho*, Luigifan480*, Ethancoen7*, Penguin5109*, Greencarpet*,*, Headhunters*, Minime900,  Samboss1, Summer99998, Hotpink340, Horsey26049, Fireicerx1, Eliezer, Justanormo

 Private » Abdit1002*, Dark D*, Arvm, Be Silly, Glady6243, Growtopiapla, Harlemshakep, Hollo007, Martis777, Pengu3222, Piggybadge, Skullz3gamin, Samy105, Shahee Vita, Stooki, Tomi Mc Cool, Tomtiger3, Tuyopi12345, Ultraman Med, Walldough, Albandary0, Sportsrule33, Jebuddy1, Pinkipie2188, Haioomblood, Shahryar2, Zuzuzuba, Partyboy569, Amy2000, Ireanablosso, Gurbani, Rummikub34, Chirpy2001, Ari Chitsuki, Dungog18, Nanny 2, Xjune, Obekovbuti, Astro Boy16, Waveydave1, Astro Boy21, Famoter1, Sjenn15, Xanderdoody1, Charlliee, Doublechinss, 10j5f3c2c, Annikaganda, Judo6590, Lilmay2004, Snowman1314, Caramel Pink, Sowky, Buglover246, Uthkarsh1000, Air Head 2*, Dad5432*, Penguinohoth*, Catsuma34, Betty4040, Brandontdoog, Callum619j, Charls61912, Coolkay, Cutiekitty90, Greenish8149, H4z1001, Hoggywarty, Nukester64, Purps2156, Ronaldofan, Rose 64, Sarasoz, Smiler2501, Space005, Tom99991, King Waggy, Mohsin2002, Pipop2006, Gucciguap, Masa2910, Milotheham15, Club4970, Bamboz, Kitipatu, Megpenguin5, Missbabybatt, Trophy3, Stilinksi 24, Chip0p0, Rarity180, Xmaspie, Akkeneema, Tyrone14120, Fro5ty83, Pussycatmeow, Biscuitelec, Giantrichard, Princecallum, Munkeysxxx, Shyren, Poilt, Aida Si Ali, Orange5890, I Am Benny, Surfdude5107, Zooloo1, Holly8014, Chloe94173, Xxibrookexx, Lauruks2005, Jfarley788, Dragonboy310, Waddlehug, Fire Bean, Excuseu Rude, Tangomango2, Undefinable, Cheeky637, Pinky44044, Awsome2105, Joel65455, Sniperglm, Jeff106, Matthew4865, Shadowgreen1, Prince Ash93, Toby33678, Karlo Miguel, Suziexxxx, Captin Epic, Bravewarrior, Fireee, Cheese2708, Floppyrosie, Dj18345, Calmheart1*, Betdavpen*, Coolit10*, Emogurl1*, Jazmen2004*, Huck2005*, Nateh2444*, Pizza Man 2*, Sadierose36*, Starry105*, Teddy5012*, Abbyet003, Airtarget, Ak1616, Alec72105, Alissa47, Anakin2346, Antman310, Aubrey21, Banna Split8, Beepy123, Bestkid1212, Blackangle11, Blizzard 1, Bobby79074, Bootz1, Boushy23, Cardaddy1234, Carlos0427, Cgf4lyfe, Chbuzz, Cole0902, Countfang, Cpinsider, Crd444, Cutiepie529, Danii421, Dark Roses, Doctor432, Eddie12297, Ella H 1, Grace Waltz, Gofast3, Gojopenguin, Googlemugel, Familyjoanna, Fernando 12, Frosty00711, Fireguy24535, Finn042, Fuzzyphil, Him88, Hippie26, Icee Freeze1, Iceballfire0, Iceness9000, Ionut Pengui, Jetersison, Jorgito 18, Joshd1219, K Wall 3515, Kat Kitten 8, Katie09021, Keninadress, Keymaster66, Kiakaha23, Kinkda, Klondike, Kornfan28, Kristiney28, Lawernce1, Leagueminer6, Letter41589, Lilly82, Liwigi, Lizzie107, Lolopohoho13, Madawwpgamin, Marcy466, Mario14344, Mashcuved205, Matthewscoop, Maxwell127, Meister7007, Mewcubed, Michael5142, Mihai4, Mrrushie123, Nacios33, Odie68897, Paradox Cow, Peggwy, Pen64, Penguinsaluk, Peterman123, Pinkie087, Pinksheeplel, Pinky03038, Pokemon10, Puffle Pop67, Quiner007, R3negades, Radatatex, Red Lego1, Redisrtsevad, Retrorover, Rkmfy, RollerPro769, Samantha1787, Saraz77, Senime03, Shuffler999, Skippar, Slayer119, Slomp251, Soccergal 5, Tagoni, Tea 505, Theweedman, Tony8673, TotesBotes, Wakboy2, Water7995, Westernboard, Wyattblue, Xpenlsx, Xxsansxx,  Zosiasand, Coookie2006, Pinky Poo111, Hohoho246, Cameoc, Web123abc, Pinky Pie822, Moneybags990, Balloonz123, Dj5457, Alexmudball, Deedee19, Hi M80, Teddy2o, Lbuddy12, Brennan24319, Jack2750, Ajhernandez, Diegogxd1234, Tinyboomboom, Cupcake30770, Vivimia, Link5939, Grassy, Tenred, Pbmcilrath, Redmamba, Ahmad4422, Kate55155, Ekokh0228, Ryan123happy, 60pink60, Lloyd70194, Homercleas, Hhherbert, Donkeysoda, Pandakitty4, Awesome5690, Gabe3568, Lemonadey75, Sonic6657, 39kerplunk, Arkadiy Deli, Sasha23457, Pentoili, Acl280, Artica00001, Mario Boy Ya, Toad Djh 1, Curry Pot, Stickytrex12, Snowyelf094, Hollyjollyk5, Caramelflow, Batkitten271, Saltyladybug, Isabella2939, Doggylover30, Jadynwolfy, Henry 5978, Pinkypie0102, Bellabertram, Lar5, Penguin0f5, Parker423, Ryoko Yuki, Lily6429, Nacholeader1, Zippymanny, Sethseth2, Kkodie, Oggy130, Baracade8945, Violettop, Jack Jones56, Mrcenajr, Lazypenguin1, Iamswordfish, Swimmy4004, Penguin P7, Gilda10010, Jhiggy, Aman1907, Paris Rose8, Stoneclaw123, Fourcats, Lemonad987, Betahatlover, Tiffanyfufu2, 3liteballr21, Stampy17, Horselover2, Novazo24, Savannah6870, Amaan54324, Lilmonkey444, Fluffycooln, Lily0flower, Kolin125, Moop77300, Macizoom1, Teddy77665, Werepony, Tom Brady953, Lovepink 10, Dorian925, Pinkieplum87, P N Gwenn, Sal890, My Penguinio, Karan378, Labradol, Snowyelf094, Black Magyk1, Marioash12, Camilandpika, Boon46, Devydoodle, Jaegerswag, Turbo899, Thea24, Tbnrfragsasf, Chubs214, Fireflyer100, 2irshdancer, Coolness P12, Blue2116, Connorcules, Davdavdav, Kanesflaps, Starburst207, Mrs Mango1, Soccerpro100, Abbiesmith13, Ping Plump, Jack54678, G Broski, Baracade8945, Icedude399, 53chloe, Befrozen4, Jehjtheman, Gabby5734, Jacob90535, Coral5271, Greencarpet[Meyouus], Candycorn51, Chax123mg, Br3ndan1724, Adelinebluee, Freedom10153, Creasaa, Tyoupollo, Emyemoy, , Tunico1232, Legend2424, Cupquake4267, Highlight862, Mrchampion01, Lollipopper8, Phayphay654, Star Ape,  rincess C8, Ttlythx, Clubb3r, Kolin125, Sparklysalsa, Spy 889, Anberlin1876, Brubber9, Ryankiscool, Navi Cat, Zanr, Glue32223, Coolnoodles8, Aqua Zookie, Anakinsky2, Lhj6, Elianou, Bluebow998[Nightmare26], Jazzgaudz, Hall7860, Qubuscus22, Rinokumura17, Hiihiig, Mistyriver22, Awsome5499, Xombeez3, Swaggy Kel, Theoddscreen, Penny0964, Mrl Fluffles, Itzjovany, Sappfirez, Yokaiwatch12, Supercake100, Whammy2006, Yokaiwatch12, Gojopenguin, Gymnastix, Bullcrusher, Sparta, Brocolikun, Carlos45322,  Karkoosh, Nachokid5499, Pinkapeg, Flynn Thomas, Born2flyfree, Tintin36976, Blurpy1234, Swagmar, Setu21, Poopoopachoo, Jojolinner, Cybercyclone, Cariann, Jebb05, Blueseal4, Superwolf44, Pinkseal7, Josephvh, Chupi2405, Crosszgirl, Cookie63488, Princecake, Tycokids, Masterdt, Avaa17, Skyvsgaming2, Jellyhunter2, Gameonm8, Jordan53105, 12nikos13, Krox75, Dandymott2, Violet54574, Gingercatawe, Moocow43439, Dline, Sweet Cake92, Pussandboots, Tatoes, Alec King, Bom Boom987, Balloonz123, Call Me G3, Sallygir, Mr Pingwin20, Brennylou, Crunchytrump, Federako, Jay786, Fluffy22004, Gack01, Mikedman, Supercake100, Kitkat320, Adrien4171, Pdturfman, Brianfriend, Mario2532, Camfan4life, Dj Frankyy, Orange99131, BlueJimmy1, R3dzz, Clfipper, Lake Diver,  Leif246, Ultracam11, Rareguyoncp, Go Mustangs,  Laughingej, Aam3712, Kaileypm, Jcperkins888, Nosmartwatch, Puffles1913, Crystal21002, Workalready, Jadena, Carolyn66807, Natalie44556, Sydkid2, Sh4dowKitten, Morecoins859, Beebo Urie 3, Cruzdaboss, Rajellow552, Soccerliv19, 22119ya, Nekoette, Inmanlud, Idulley, Puffle6478, Fishypoo22, Mimolovefan, Star34034, Macattack158, Djpenguing, Bambinocho67, Renee11002, Icyiced, Pfudor679, Buchy101

Kaiser of the Reich: Fluffy9404


Declaration of War against ACP

Suprise, suprise! We’re going to be fighting someone besides RPF, which must be a relief for some of you. We are declaring war because ACP doesn’t have the balls to do it themselves. Trader/Bam/some specific members of their UMA crew have been talking tons of shit about the Nachos. Dan/I go to UMA chat to just to talk and promote better relations between the two armies, and Trader’s mouth never closes about how weak the Nachos are and how much the Nachos suck.

So, I told Trader to declare war. I invited him to do it. He did, he posted invasions, he made a really bad declaration of war post, but Bam cancelled the invasions. Well, that’s not the end of it. Trader/Bam both continued to run their mouth about how they’ll slam us in a war, and how we only max 10 and such. They also threatened to bring up my personal instagram.

Well, Trader/Bam thought their asses were covered. They thought I didn’t have the power to return as a leader. Well, they’re wrong. I’m not staying for long, but I’m not going to semi-provoke a conflict and not help lead through it.

How do we answer Trader/Bam? Are we gonna let Trader/Bam talk shit?


Arm the cat tanks, Arm every soldier with their M1 Salsand Rifle, and get your gear. We’re making the first move, since ACP isn’t mentally capable. They talk a ton of shit, but wuss out of declaring war.

Lets keep this a 1 v 1 conflict. Yesterday Bam mentioned the Power Alliance. If so powerful you are ACP, then why do you need the Power Alliance? Fight your own battles.


As the Japanese Admiral said after the bombing of Pearl Harbor,

“You’ve awoken a sleeping giant”


****Nacho leader****


Hey guys,

As you all should know, the first round of March Madness IV is tomorrow, and this may be a bit of a late motivational post for it, but I just have to mention: we can’t mess around if we’re going to win it.

Last year we lost by 1 penguin to the Doritos(60-59) in the semi-finals of March Madness, and that’s what happens if we’re being all cocky about winning, even if it was slightly bias on CPAC’s part.

We all have to recruit on CP today and all of tomorrow before the big event if we’re going to win even the first round of this thing. Last year we were put up against SMAC armies for the first couple of rounds, but this year we are being put up against the Golds in the first round, who are currently 6th in the Top Ten right now, us being 5th.

We have to try as hard as possible on EVERY round no matter our opponent’s army status and not be cocky in order for us to win and obtain our overall maximum potential as an army.

Contact me on chat if you need help recruiting.

-Green Dai




Don’t forget to be on Nacho Chat for the event! Go to xat.com/NachosHQ for battle orders!