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Victis Honor – War With RPF Over – Nacho Victory

Hola everyone, Aka here.

After discussing with the leaders and other various owner ranks, today Kevin and I met with Clout and Serpent from RPF to discuss the ending of the war. After 45 minutes to an hour of negotiating, we have reached a conclusion that both RPF and Nachos are happy with. The terms agreed on are as followed:

  • The Nachos hereby take possession of Sleet and Parka from RPF, whilst both sides return all other servers taken during the conflict.
  • The USRPF admits defeat after battling The Nacho Empire, and their admission of defeat will be posted on the RPF site for all to see.
  • The hostility between RPF and Nachos ends on both sites, with the “Nachos Fail” post to be taken down, and that further inflammatory posts be taken down posthaste. Steps will be taken to ensure the good will between both armies.
  • With the agreement of the above points, a non-aggression pact will begin. Both armies will not declare war on each other, and violating any of the above agreed upon points will result in the war between our two nations to continue.

ss+(2015-11-12+at+10.22.49) ss+(2015-11-12+at+10.24.06)

And with that, The Nacho Empire declares victory over the USRPF.

Congratulations to all soldiers and troops! You made it all possible for us!

An event will be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned to the site!


9 Responses

  1. What about the ausia invasion

  2. We only get 2 servers?

  3. rekt

  4. I have came in some of the wars but then also it is hard for me to find what time it would be in my country – India. Please do something

  5. gj everyoen, you made the empire proud

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