Christmas Chaos V: Qualifier Round Times + Battle Info



Hola Nachos. As December is coming right ahead, it means Christmas is also coming. This means: Christmas Chaos! The last tournament of 2015 will start this weekend, and we are participating in it. With us being the winners of the previous two CPAWM Tournaments, we are considered as the favorites. Last year, we made it until the Semi-Finals, which is really good but I expect even more. We can at least be finalists or even win the Tournament, like we did one month ago!

This weekend, we will get to battle the Redemption Force. The RF has recently returned to the CPA, but it has some good performances so far. We will start the tournament hard, and we have to put our best all through the tournament. If we win, we will advance to the Quarter-Finals, which we have to do. Lets finish the year 2015 with a one last victory, Nachos. Let’s win this, shall we? Please try your best to come!

Nacho Army vs Redemption Force ❗

>>> Christmas Chaos Round 1 <<<


 When? Saturday, 28th November 2015

Where? Server: Klondike ||| Room: Snow Forts


 8:30 PM UK[United Kingdom Time]

 3:30 PM EST[Eastern American Time]

 2:30 PM CST[Central American Time]

 1:30 PM MST[Mountain American Time]

12:30 PM PST[Pacifc American Time]

10:30 PM EEST[Eastern European Time]

11:30 PM MT[Moscow Time]

11:30 PM GST[Gulf Standard Time]

2:00 AM IST[Indian Standard Time]


|| Goal: 20+ Nachos ||

NOTE: Be on our chat at least 20 minutes EARLIER!


➡ Prizes:

  • 5 Medals[Either we win or not]
  • Temporary moderator rank on chat for a lucky member.[If we in this battle]
  • An event of your choice[If we win this battle]
  • Xats giveaway[If we win this battle]
  • I’ll post my face on the site(better pic 😛 )[If we win this battle]
  • Promotions to everyone who attends the Finals[If we make it until there]
  • More might be added

Note: You may only get a prize that is given for this battle if you attend it.

Please vote below!

Legofan Cy~Nachos General

4 Responses

  1. NOVEMBER 7TH? your 20 days off! my WordPress reader says this is new! did you make a typo I wanna join but November 7th already passed by!

  2. You mispelled “Redemption Force”

  3. Round 1 is on November 23 not 11/7/15.
    Check the Christmas Chaos V: First Round Times post.

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