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Armies aren’t dying

Sup, Nachos

Armies aren’t dying. I’m one of these people who likes to look back at history once in awhile. The year I joined armies was 2011. I was an ACP grunt on the front line fighting in the Battle of Fog. There was gunfire everywhere. I thought ACP was the biggest force I’d ever seen. Well, Up until a few weeks ago, I’d have say that 2011 was probly the biggest armies ever were.

Guess what? Guess! You won’t! Guess already! Come on Guess!!

Well, I was wrong!

Lets use the time machine and take it to way back when.

March 2011– ACP is at war with NW. Both armies are pretty freaking big. Here are some pictures:

ACP, the number 1 army.

Does that look like 140 people to you? Does that look like 80 to you? F*ck no.

Lets look at 2 more armies, The Night Warriors and Nachos.

That’s your number 2 army. In today’s CPAC, NW would probly be at the number 5 spot. This is Vendetta’s Night Warrior’s. Supposedly the only army that rivaled ACP.

This is a picture of the Nacho army under the guidance of the Nacho holy trinity, Tanman626, Puckley, and Ads/Joker.

Not knocking any of those four’s leaderships what so ever, but is this really that big to you?

I’m no Tanman626, Puckley, Ads or Joker in my leading skills, but I think Dan and I have maxed more than this?

Flash back 2 more years from 2011, 2009

Person 1233’s leadership. This is probly the biggest armies ever were. I’m gonna give you Nacho and ACP pictures.



Yeah, People claim that in 2009, armies maxed 150. ACP and the Nachos claim to have maxed these sizes. I wasn’t there where as in 2011, I was.  This is a f*ck load of people in these pictures. 46 Nachos is a lot.


Have people surpassed these sizes? This is a lot of people. Let’s find out!

Fast forward 4 years from 2009, 2013.

Zenith of Nacho-RPF power.

July 2013.

This is the month RPF claimed to have maxed 70+ soldiers. I’m gonna be real here, I led RPF in that month and era. We didn’t max 70. We probly had like 50-55 soldiers tops. BUT!!!!! RPF WAS STILL FREAKING MASSIVE. Not gonna leave out the Nachos though.

A lot of Nachos right?

These sizes are similar to the 2009 sizes, but not the 2011 sizes.

Lets look at this weeks top armies.

We won’t compare it with 2009 or 2013. Those are clearly the years that armies were at their zenith. 2011 though? Great freaking year right? Golden age of all types of armies — small/medium/large/world power. But….. There are armies that max more than ACP-Nachos-NW right now? Does that mean….. Armies aren’t dying? Does that mean…. Armies might even be bigger? Maybe!

I’m gonna use 2 weeks ago’s top 10 pictures because the last two top 10’s sucked.

These sizes are good  ass sizes! People say the community is dying, but look at this picture! Look at it! This is an army that doesn’t multilog!  Is it that far off from 2013? It surpasses 2011 for sure! It didn’t surpass 2009, but what can you do!

Message to all armies:

Just keep working. WV doesn’t multilog and they are succeeding. Criticize me, Wv, or whoever all you want, but armies aren’t dying.







****Nacho leader****

9 Responses

  1. im dying 😦

  2. I love this post. Great job Kevin

  3. i didnt read it but if ur comparing sizes from 2015 with another year – we’re only “big” because of multilogs

  4. A big difference is that in 2011 armies would get a consistent 30-35 every event. If you got below 25 it was considered a “bad event”. Now if you get 25 it’s considered top 3 caliber. Also, that pic you used from that certain top 10 was used from an unscheduled event, it was just a random training we had that wasn’t posted or anything. That was also during the meat of the NW ACP war and both armies had been fighting 3-4 times a day for weeks at that time so numbers had dropped from both armies respectively. Not bashing armies now, but armies in 2011 were the best they’d been in a while at the time.

  5. See SM armies lol biggest army maxing 5

  6. awesome post! well done! 😉

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