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DCP are hypocrites

In this post I’m not saying WV are multi-logging but that DCP are.

This is not the opinion of all Nachos, but only my opinion. If you’d like to read it press read more.

Everyone in the Club Penguin army community knows the two famous rivals, WV and DCP, and that they can easily find proof of each other multi-logging after EVERY single event. Yet, Doritos are always saying WV should lose points when there is equal proof of DCP multi-logging as well. So wake up, Doritos! YOU SHOULD LOSE POINTS AS WELL.

Proof of your brother allies agreeing. (RPF & ACP)


Proof of SMAC & SMAP Agreeing.

http://prntscr.com/9holv6 + http://prntscr.com/9hoxe9

Dark warriors Agree.


Final message: Mustapha, you yourself say there’s no solid evidence that Doritos multi-log, however you’re stating the same proof that has been used against you back against the Water Vikings.

  • Stamps
  • Pictures of people admitting
  • Logins
  • Videos
  • Who can keep the longest dragon inside there pants without stroking the fire out of it 😉

Say whatever you want Mustapha, You can’t escape justice 😉 .

That’s my message to you CPAC.


Nachos 3ic

5 Responses

  1. gud post summit, very proud i am 😀

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