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so what are we arguing about again

go ahead and read this

alright everyone, a more laid back post than usual from me today.

its no secret to anybody that dcp multi-logs in this community; we wouldnt have almost everyone in the community at war with them right now if there was truth behind dcp’s claims. so we can get that out of the way pretty quickly.

just wanted to ask, why are we still caring what dcp says about anybody? we stopped posting about them directly for 3 days, and then today they decided “hey guys its time for us to remind everyone we exist again” and throw accusations at everyone to intentionally piss them off. the only way dcp ever gets exposure is through us and the cpac widget with their name on it, so theres no reason to continue responding to a troll group.

we can keep making jokes about them (bad is a literal goldmine of death threats and general dumbness), but at some point theres going to be an end to this. don’t allow dcp and their idle threats and big talk to define you and your army career. declare war on them, invade them once a week (they won’t show up anyway), and if they try to crash your events with other armies to make you pay attention to them, spam j-bomb and snowballs until their multis crash and continue on.

they’re a rogue group of 8-9 people+possum, all of them washed up rejects from the community forced into one group. treat them the way they deserve to be treated, the same way you’d treat a child throwing a tantrum; ignore them until they stop crying and disappear.

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4 Responses

  1. Why is Possum an issue? This is why fuel is added to the fire, the community always calls out individuals rather than the whole.

  2. good on you aka

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