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Fjord…Secured? RPF…Exceedingly stupid?

Aka Edit: I hereby name RPF’s troops and leaders the title of “Honorary Nachos”

They sat in our lines, copied our tactics, copied our formations, and even sent their soldiers to be on our chat during the battle. We maxed 30 and averaged 25 during the battle, but since RPF has decided to become apart of The Nacho Empire, we maxed 65 and averaged 50. Congratulations!

‘We logged on Fjord to get our server back. Pre-battle room, we maxed probly about 35 and circled the entire Snow Forts. We didn’t dig in….. We knew what had to be done. We made our way to the Stadium where we were met with slight RPF resistance. We formed an X. RPF then retreated. After that, we went to the Cove and knew we’d been spied on. The RPF were there waiting for us in formation. We made our upside down T and strategically regrouped at the Ice Berg to meet a similar fate. We then made a half circle and kicked some ass . RPF started not only copying formation, but they also began copying tactics? No to mention, they did about 7 joke bombs.

So far, RPF expects room changes? But since when did invasions/defenses become like tournament battles where we need to notify each other our advance? If I’m the general of the United States Army and I want to invade…. I don’t know, Turkey! Well if I were to invade Turkey, would I tell the Turkish forces that I’m coming in full throttle so they could prepare for our exact landing location and slaughter us? No. That’s stupid. They have to prepare for anything.

Pre Battle:


Ice Berg:

Fire Dojo:



24 fucking RPF

25 Nachos

Now, Luis, RPF 2ic thinks our capital is Fjord and claims that we changed it because RPF invaded it. Well, remember our whole big scuff with your retarded server map, RPF? Yeah. It hasn’t been updated in 6 months correct? Blizzard has been our capital…About 6 months? We changed it for the server draft. So…If the map (THE OFFICIAL SERVER GOVERNMENT OF CP!!!!) said 6 months ago that Blizzard was our capital, and you can’t see a single post on the Nacho site since then about us changing it? That means our Capital is still…..Blizzard.

Back to the room change thing, Toy clearly stated in his post that he was spying on us. So you need to spy to win?

I thought the Holy RPF Empire ( a rip off of our Holy Nachonnian Empire ) was unstoppable? If it’s unstoppable, it shouldn’t need spies to barely make it at a battle?

Cove, I’ll give them. Ice Berg, we won, Fire Dojo, we won.

I looked at your post, no pics proving your statements.

We don’t fight battles tournament style, we fight them like real men. We don’t organize room changes.


****Nacho Leader****

star wars jedi yoda anakin skywalker obi-wan kenobi

You’re not stopping us RPF.

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