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O’ The Struggle! [Part 2]

Hola Nachos,

About 2 months ago I made a post about how CP players dislike Mexicans, which you can view HERE. I have collected some more pictures since that time, so I now bring you the 2nd edition: The Struggle lives on.

CP you are creepy.png

I guess I’ll just jump right into the first picture. I was literally just hanging out at the Crow’s Nest, when this entitled brat walked into the room and called me creepy. I did not say anything to her, I did not walk up to her, I was completely minding my own business. I get the feeling if I was wearing something like THIS, I would have been treated differently.

Alright, time to break this down. Let’s start off with our events.

CP Its the Mexicans.png

What did we jump the border or something? I’m sure that’s what this KKK penguin was thinking.

CP go away mexicans.png

Just another example of the pure hatred of Mexicans that exists on CP.

CP No nachos not here.png

Well at least this person knows who we are. This was probably directed to us as an army, not to have our event in that room. But I still feel that another army wouldn’t get the same ‘Mexican treatment’ that we get.

Screenshot at Feb 16 15-34-42.png

What a bad@ss. But again, she at least knows who we are.

Screenshot at Feb 11 20-24-03.png

This literally happens every recruiting session. People just like to be adversaries whenever they can.

Screenshot at Feb 18 20-27-31.png

I honestly don’t understand how some of this stuff is not censored on Club Penguin.

You’ve all been apart of those incidents, now I’ll share some of my personal experiences. In these next few  common situations, we see that CP players also associate Mexican food with the way we dress.

CP One mexican pizza.png

Alright, a Mexican Pizza? Really? I am 100% sure Rainbowsam11 only asked for one because he saw me behind the counter.

Next we have this penguin who was trying to make these two preps laugh at my expense. He would only say 1-2 words at a time, so I have a series of a few pictures though I couldn’t catch everything:

Screenshot at Feb 11 16-50-20.png Screenshot at Feb 11 16-50-42.png Screenshot at Feb 11 16-50-54.png

Basically he said, “all Mexicans like hot cheetos,” and then proceeded to ask me if I like hot cheetos as well. Who eats hot cheetos? Are they warmed up in a microwave? Unless by hot he meant spicy, but it doesn’t really matter. I never heard this stereotype before, I feel like he just made it up on the spot, so I just said “gracias” and walked away.

This next incident really delivered a blow to my morale. While I was at the Pizza Parlour, this person walked up to me, and must have assumed I was some Mexican street vender, because she demanded a taco from me. She clearly did not seem to notice/care that I was a regular customer sitting at a table, and even if I did sell tacos, obviously I was on break at this time.

Screenshot at Feb 16 13-39-40.png

When I didn’t “give” her a taco, she proceeded to defecate on me. I kid you not.

Screenshot at Feb 16 13-39-50.png

These two posts have shown how CP players sh** on (penguins they think are) Mexicans, but this was the first person to literally (you know what I mean) take a dump in my lap [yes that is her doing the E+T emote].

Lastly, I’ll show you a few other social interactions I’ve experienced around the island.

CP rather jump in fire than play FF with mexican.png

In this particular situation, I asked Razberryred1 if she wanted to play Find Four, because she just finished a game, and the other people in the room didn’t seem interested. I soon realized that was a mistake as the following ensued: She walked up to game board, gave me a nasty E+3 look, and then proceeded to jump into the fire to avoid playing Find Four with me, or should I say, with the Mexican.

Ok, so usually “pookies” and their moms HATE me for whatever reason, but this time I tried to fit in and turn yellow hoping that they would accept me.

CP leave i said.png

I was in her igloo for maybe 5 seconds before she kicked me out.

Unless I change into a different outfit, I’ll still be getting this.

CP Scary man.png

Remember that all of these incidents are totally unprovoked. People just feel the need to attack me, or any Mexican-looking penguin for that matter.


CP gimme dat sombrero.png

Gotta love cpps.me.

And there you have it.

If this kind of stuff happens to you too, take screenshots and share them with me. We will stop the madness once and for all!

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader


14 Responses

  1. I happen to love tacos!

  2. LOL this post was gold

  3. This is completely off topic, but check out the post timeline:

    I think our website just became Adele

  4. how do i take a picture

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