Practice Battle vs. ACP [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos,

Before talking about the event, I want to share this AWESOME drawing made by our Lance Corporal, Saltinee123!


Today our UK Division logged on to Fjord for a PB with The Army of Club Penguin. It was a fun battle spent entirely in the Snow Forts, our tactics were good, formations were quick, but we maxed 7. I realize 3 of our UK owners are currently on leave, we only have 1 active UK moderator, and most US troops don’t come to UK events. So I will be promoting the active UK members to mod ranks. From that point we will (hopefully) have more active UK troops and get new UK members to fill in their spots. Another problem is when people leave the chat 5-10 minutes before the event and then return 5-10 minutes after it’s over. From now on those who continue to do this will be demoted. Great job to those who attended, continue reading for pictures.

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-05-07.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-05-39.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-05-19.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-07-05.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-04-55.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-08-12.png


Screenshot at Mar 03 16-06-49.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-06-30.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-06-18.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-06-05.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-05-54.png

Screenshot at Mar 03 16-08-20.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
 – Nacho Army Leader

2 Responses

  1. Sorry for joining ten minutes in, I completely forgot. I was on BrainPop (deal with it) and my phone was nearly dead so I couldn’t add an alarm. I think we did good, but need more people.

  2. I am that one active uk mod i feel so proud 😀

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