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Time to get serious

As you all have seen, the Nachos are maxing 10 at events rather than the potential 15-18 we can be getting. Now, My close friends Dan/Stone have asked me, why is this? Clear answer, people aren’t attending events.

Well fellas,

Swag Don’t Come Easy

Lets go in depth here, why are you guys not attending events? Well, where ever you are reading this right now, it’s getting warmer. When it gets warmer, people tend to be outside more in the real world, people have sports/activities, it is usually a big part of the school year, and time spent on video games decreases. I retired due to the fact that I just don’t have the time to be here everyday and lead every event, but all of you don’t have my problem. A lot of you don’t have to “lead”the event (I’d like to see more of you leading). What you guys have to do is turn on your computer, log on club penguin, press a few keys, and type in a few things. That’s it!

Nacho events last 30 minutes, maximum. We will shift the time in which these events are scheduled if that’s the true problem, but when I had 3 hours of homework, an essay due, and 2 tests the next day, I nearly always found enough time to make the event.

Bottom line here is if you guys don’t attend events, you will fail. I know it’s possible for us to be maxing at least 15 and at most 23. US owners should be at 3/5 events on weekdays, and both weekend events. UK owners should be at 3/5 of the events on weekdays, and both weekend events. US owners + UK owners= every owner attending. I think we have like 15 owners or something (That can change….anytime). We should be maxing 15 just based off owners. I saw at our most previous event, we did have a max of 20, so maybe you guys got the message before this post was out.

March Madness is coming up, and it’s a Nacho tournament basically. Take advantage of tournaments. From what I’ve seen, you guys get amped over tournaments and it carries you through the weeks following. Nachos never disappoint in tournament time, don’t disappoint now. Get serious, win March Madness, attend events, get back on your feet, have fun. Remember guys, swag don’t come easy.


Big brother is always watching



3 Responses

  1. I really want to come…but there is no ausia event!! I am waiting for one

  2. My issue with events lately is that US events are at 6pm which is a time I go into work(with the exceptions of my usual days off) then Saturday comes and they like to schedule me at Noon or 1pm, which is when huge Saturday events like March madness happen.

    That might change soon due to daylight savings going back from MST to PST for me, but for now I can only do what I can

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