Nacho Troops.

Hello Nacho troops. I am Hazie your 3ic and I am not a expert on armies this is just my opinion on this, I may be wrong but hear me out.


So, our issue here is that we have 483 Nachos on the ranks and we are maxing 10 at events. Now, this is not ok. We cannot slack off when we’re out of the danger zone. In order to keep our army going we need to max at least 15 at events. How is it out of 483 everyday in both timezone USA & UK we’re maxing around 20, roughly 10 a event. We have alot of owners who alone could max most of that. In order to succeed we need to aim higher, it’s not acceptable. Lately, I have been slacking off and now I have picked myself up, it’s time our army has done the same. Our leaders are excellent and no doubt we can achieve great things. It’s also no good at showing up only at tournaments and missing training. Training is there for a reason, it’s there to make us better and give the new Nachos a chance to get better aswell. So, I want to see Nachos on chat for events ready to go. I wanna see us being active. I admitted I have been slacking off although I have my reasons I still think I could’ve done more. So, I wanna see us picking ourselves up and becoming stronger. I have been thinking this post through, this may sound idiotic and some may think I am insane which is partly true. My goal was to bring this army back to the golden age,  I see it faintly in the distance. We must keep running to reach it. I come on chat and there is like 8 people all AFK. I admit I do go AFK alot, that will be improved. COME ON THE NACHOS!


UK events: We max around 10 here and I wanna see 15. If we have less than 15 I will be disappointed as I thought about this post for a long time and I will be disappointed because we will be maxing 5 if we keep getting lazy, let’s max 15 and let’s get active.


US events: They max around same as UK I think (I don’t go to many). But, I remember a few months ago they would be maxing 15-20. Let’s get active US Nachos 😉


This post was inspired from Green Dai’s post. Sorry if this is long…

By the way I am off leave now 😉

So, Nachos to put it more simply and plainly get your head out of your ass and get on Club Penguin for 30 minutes and then log back off. It’s not a awful lot to ask, after all you signed up for this. If this is harsh and if this is wrong, well Sorry?



Let’s keep surviving.

~Hazie65673 Nacho 3ic~

8 Responses

  1. Interesting…

  2. My mom owns the only computer in the house, so I can’t get on events if time isn’t good. I will attempt to attend more events, so I hope all of the nachos do the same.

  3. The shit with us falling because of laziness could happen again like last year, it does not matter what time of year it is, so we ALL need to consistently recruit on CP. We may also need to start having meetings to see who’s actually doing it as well as getting rid of people who don’t actually care.

  4. awesome post! we will do our best!

  5. Ladies and gentlemen this is what happens when I go on a rant lol.


    ~Hazie65673 Nacho 3ic~

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