March Madness Sweet 16 [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos!

Today was the first round of CPAC’s March Madness tournament, the Sweet Sixteen, in which we emerged victorious in a 3-1 vote! We were matched up against the Golds, an army very similar to us in size, and no easy opponent to beat. Pre-battle, we gathered in the Snow Forts, and formed a circle with a max of over 30. The first battle room was the Forest, where we formed a backwards L, and performed about the same as the Golds. The second battle room is where we set ourselves apart, setting up an upside-down T in the Snow Forts. Next week is the the Elite 8! Let’s go for 40 at that battle!!!

Snow Forts (pre-battle):


Screenshot at Mar 13 16-51-51.png

Forest (1st battle room):

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-52-35.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-09.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-37.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-45.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-18.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-52-06.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-28.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-52-56.png

Snow Forts (2nd battle room):

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-06.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-20.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-27.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-14.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-33.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-42.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-59-04.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-58-57.png

Screenshot at Mar 13 16-53-53.png







\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

12 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the big win, Nachos! Keep up the great work, and keep working hard throughout this week. If you go beyond the necessary preparation, it will certainly pay off for you in the end. Enjoy the moment and enjoy the ride. I’ll surely be rooting for you guys along the way.


  3. yay!!! we won!!! and I managed to came even when it was 2:am for me!!!

  4. I made it but I was locked out

  5. Did anyone else notice a penguin named Takhib (or something like that) kept saying that the nachos lost (while in a nacho uniform) and then went to our victory party????? I think he is a traitor……. 😯

  6. I was here but I’m so embarresed about the last pic. It was announced right after I said Shut Up!

  7. i was in it!!!!!!!!

  8. glad we won and our tactics were more visible.

  9. I was there!

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