Cleansing of White House Results

Hola Nachos!

Today our US Division logged on to White House to cleanse it after ACP planned an AUSIA invasion of it, but I don’t think they ever logged on for it because they never posted about it. In either case we cleansed it. We began at the Cove, moved to the Hidden Lake, and finished in the Iceberg. This event was sponsored by Kodak Cameras. We maxed 13 and averaged 12. Read on for battle photographs captured by our new optic lens 40x zoom Kodak 3000 model camera!!!

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-53.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-41.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-03.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-11.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-19.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-25.png

Screenshot at Mar 17 20-37-34.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

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