Fjord successfully cleansed!

Hola Nachos! Today, our UK Force logged on Fjord to cleanse it from the ACP, as their invasion of our historical server was invalid, where we faced no resistance. We started at the Ice Berg, were we had sizes of 9 up to 11. We then went to the Stadium, where our sizes grew to a solid 12. Later on, we entered the Snow forts, making cool formations, but had sizes of 11. At the end, we went to the Pool, where we achieved a stable size of 12 again. Overall, it was a great event, as we keep our server, and you guys performed really well, especially Saltinee12 😀 ! Make sure to attend the other cleansing tonight at 8 PM EST!

Continue reading for more pictures of the event!

Ice Berg:


Snow Forts:



Legofan Cy~(Temporarily Active)Nachos General

2 Responses

  1. I came! p.s. I like when you post you make sure to do it right.

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