Invasion of Breeze [No Show]:([VICTORY]

Hola Nachos, Green here! 😀

Today we logged onto ACP’s capital Breeze, intending to invade it in a non-hostile friendly way but ACP  only wants to test our patience and just not show up to the battle. This would atleast quarter make sense if it was just one of their random servers, but it was their fricking capital, and they decided to not show up and defend it. This is not what Club Penguin Armies should be like. This is why we hate ACP so much; stuff like this happens in basically every war we’ve had with them since like 2008, and nothing seems to change even as their leaders change over time.

Anyway, we managed to max 24 troops on CP while averaging 21, which is absolutely amazing for a UK event this early in the year, even if it was part US on a Saturday! Well done, Nachos, but the only way we will actually remain persistent in sizes is by constantly recruiting on CP with a spare account! Start chanting phrases like “CLUB PENGUIN NACHOS” and “JOIN OUR FIESTA” on large servers and that will get us new recruits easily. (PC me on chat if you’re confused.)

Click “continue reading” for pics and more information on this event!


Screenshot at Mar 19 16-02-29.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-02-21.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-02-07.png


Screenshot at Mar 19 16-03-34.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-03-03.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-03-10.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-03-19.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-03-45.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-04-22.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-04-07.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-04-28.png

Pizza Parlour

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-05-10.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-04-54.png

Screenshot at Mar 19 16-04-39.png


ACP Trys To Insult Nachos Episode 1

Bravo, ACP. Bravo.


-Green Dai

5 Responses

  1. Comment if you made it!

  2. Guess no one made it (wary)

  3. Btw, lately we have been reaching sizes of 10-15. Edd attended this event-we maxed 25. Dammit Edd is nacho god.

  4. haha that top pic is not my account laugh out loud

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