Commenting on posts, why it’s important

I feel this post is needed, and will only benefit the army. For this army, commenting on posts seems to be a dead thing. I mean, I still see a lot of comments on the site, but not too consistently. When you comment on a post like “I was there!” or “LOL great battle!” , it tells me you’re involved in the army and it tells me right away who attended the event. When I do promotions, I sometimes have to go back into old events to find some soldiers. Chatting is important, but some soldiers are shy and maybe they’re not too into the Nacho chat box yet.

To fix that problem, I just wanna see people commenting more. The more you comment, the more promotions you’ll get, and the better they’ll be.

If you don’t know how to comment on posts, think of how you joined. It’s the same idea.

This site is 100% safe for commenting on.


****Nacho Leader****

10 Responses

  1. ok cool dude hope we can take down act

  2. FIRST! 😉
    And I was on March 21 and 21s battles!
    I even got in a video and my friend Legofan Cy was there too!

  3. GG! ( Good Game!)

  4. cool!! I usually comment on posts!!! and I was there for most of the battles this month!

  5. I have commented

  6. Hey guys, if you want two codes (one is for normal players and the other if for nachos) reply me back!
    Both are for everyone!

  7. And is name is KEVIN BATMAN!! (do do dodo dodo do dodo do)

  8. u right kev …. people like me lol 😀

  9. Meow

  10. im going to star commet more because i do attend most battles

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