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Instagram st8 flexin

So uh, This is an example of Bam117 here. Bam here makes an excuse for why his army is losing this war. Bam now attacks his owners for not taking the offensive, rather than doing what a true leader would do, and accept the responsibility of himself. Bam proceeds to claim his leadership is trying to defame him.

This tells us a couple things, Army of Cute Ponies Crying Pussies’ ownership isn’t stable and there is clearly conflict between two parties, Bam at one side, and the other Army of Cute Ponies’ owners at another side. War and internal struggle do not mix well, and will not fare for the Army of Cute Ponies well.

Bam claims this is the third time we’ve completely cried our way back into a tournament, but I want to know about the first two times. I believe that we were the underdog in both Christmas Chaos and the Champions Cup and we were never “eliminated” in either battle. We were also elminated from this tournament due to the fact Bam was the judge of our battle… Clearly he doesn’t like the Nachos in this post resulting in a biased vote for the tournament. We proved the outcomes of the tournament and how it was bullshit, and the Club Penguin Army Central Chief Executive Officer agreed that it was complete bs.

Bam now proceeds to flex. Now that just makes him a faggot.

Bam now says we need to call legends for us to win the battles. I’d like for Bam to point out a legend that attended our battle besides Edd64. Since August, we’ve practically been on our own. Notice how all of our owners aren’t the most experienced of people? We’ve had guidance from legends, but no actual intervention.

Bam now claims I look funny as hell and that my mother looks worse. Bam is now promoting doxing within the community and finds it comical that a UMA owner attempted to dox me.

Promotions will be out soon, make sure to attend march madness redemption, make sure to keep commenting on posts, I liked the results of my post on it.

Together we stand, divided we fall.


****Nacho Leader****

6 Responses

  1. Nice reply Kevin!!!

  2. dam lev u always finding a way to fuk up acp

  3. Lovely post. Bam & Trader are my best friends and let’s give them a huge TIGHT hug 😀


    ~Hazie65673, Nacho 3ic~

  4. ‘Cause we’re the best!! AROUND!!!! NO ONES EVER GONNA PUT US DOWN!!

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