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Never underestimate.

As seen above, these are representatives from three armies of the Power League, the alliance itself a rival of the Nachos. ACP of course is a strong member within that alliance. Shown above is the Power League conversing about how they should “help NR” and team up against us this Saturday.

You know what that pic shows me? They’re afraid…… NW is angry we’re getting another chance, and ACP is angry because they’re at war. UMA evidently doesn’t like me or the Nachos either. They want to team up to take us down….because they know we pose a threat to Power League domination of armies.

Well, the Night Rebels are one hell of a respectable army. I already knew they’d be a challenge, but this pic shows it’s just gonna be a bigger one. That means we’ll have to recruit more, we’ll have to fight harder, and we’re gonna have one hell of a battle.

Lets do this guys. Don’t be afraid.

Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho leader****

4 Responses

  1. fucking pussys tell this to cpas

  2. this has to be against the rules but its not like cpac will care

  3. maybe wr or ar can do something


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