Uniting Nachonnia

Today is a big day in history for the Nachos. I, Kevin B. Batman III, one of the three good generals of the Nacho Army proclaim the second Reich of the Holy Nachonnian Empire.

The first Reich of the Holy Nachonnian Empire was proclaimed by Emperor Shivertoe2 back in November-December 2014 when the Division of ϟϟ/Special Services was united with the Nacho Army to form one single governing Nachonnian Empire. That single governing body was purposely torn apart for the greater good by Talex831 and Shivertoe2. It became the independent Republic of Shiver.

Since the Army of Cute Ponies spammed us with 18 Austrailian-Asian invasions that we don’t have the man power to attend, we’ll be using our SS division to cleanse those servers. F*ck me, Army of Cute Ponies. The Army of Cute Ponies is spamming us with Ausia invasions because of their in capabilities to fight us with their (as Trader claims) powerful and destructive US/UK divisions.

SS officers:

Succeeding Shivertoe2 as Fuhrer of the SS will be me, B Batman3.

Succeeding Talex831 as Kaiser of the Reich will be Fluffy9404.

The protocol for being SS is that you will be hand selected by the leaders. You will be bolded on the ranks page if you meet the requirements to the SS. The uniform for the SS will be regular Nacho uniform with black as the color.

Heil the Second Reich!



****Nacho Leader****

5 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on Nacho SS.

  2. Wow…nice idea!!!

  3. I don’t understand this

  4. hopefully i can get picked

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